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all about cats

ana karen hernandez

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of cats

Cats are furry and soft. Cats They can eat a bunch! They sleep almost all day. Cats are the best pet you could have.Your cat is also your friend.Make sure you play with them.They need to get exercise. Take care of your cat and feed it. Showers Cats really just take showers themselves. Cats hate when you shower them. But cats always have to be clean!! Cats mostly sleep all day. You can wake them up so you can play with them. When you don't find your cat hes probably sleeping in a different place or hiding. They yawn very weird. Cats have very sharp claws!! Its better not to because when they get in a fight they can defend themselves with their claws. If you cut them for the first time the cat might scratch you and walk away. Be Careful!!! THE BEST PET Sleepy Heads **CLAWS** The Vet Funny Cats They hate when you wash them with soap. You need to wash them to keep their coat clean and shiny.Even though they hate it. They probably hate mornings. You can cut them if you want to. Its your choice to cut them or not. You need to take your cat to the vet. Take your cat at least 3 times a month. Make sure your cat doesn't just eat anything off the ground that might make him sick and then you'll have to take him to the vet. Taking your cat to the vet is very important because the vets need to give them shots they need. If you see something weird with your cat i should suggest you take him/her to the vet. Cats can be very funny sometimes.
you can try to dress them up.If you do
be very careful and gentle with the cat.
Make sure when you put the clothing on it fits him/her.The clothing might get stuck and hurt the cat. Nocturnal Animals Cats are nocturnal which means they
can see in the dark.Cats sleep all day and
hunt and play at night.They hunt at night
probably because the animals that are
going to be eaten cant see at night.Cats
are more active at night but we cant play
with them because its our turn to sleep.
You can see their eyes glowing in the dark. What do cats hunt?? Cats love to hunt.They hunt mice.
In the mornings they might also hunt
rabbits.They love any thing with meat. Dangling stuff I think they will also like birds. They also love fish. They would probably try any food. Cats play with yarn and stuff that move.They
love when you show them a string or something that moves.
When you have a shoe untangle your laces for the cat and
just move your shoe around.Cats will probably go play with the lizard because they move.If your swinging anything around your cat might want to catch it.Just have fun swinging something for your cat or even rolling something. Why do cats purr? Cats purr sometimes when their happy.Cats also purr when they are being petted or snuggled on
a warm and cozy place.But cats also purr when their afraid.So when you petting your cat and your cat is purring its probably happy.
Cats mostly purr whenever possible. Cats and scratching Why do cats puff up? Cats tail is like emotional moods.Cats puff up to look big to whatever is threatening them.Cats puff up and then calm down easily.They might also puff up their tail if their playing.
You might be playing with your cat and his tail puff up doesn't mean your hurting him your just playing with him.Cats also puff up their tail when they see a dog. What can we say we love to sleep too. Scratching on furniture is a feline behavior.Cats scratch for many reasons.One,scratching keeps their claws in shape.Cats love to scratch on furniture.They think it feels good.Cats like to scratch things that are rough.They do this standing up. Why do cats and dogs fight? Cats and dogs fight because they don't speak the same language.Cats meow and dogs bark.Most of the cats and dogs get along.Sometimes their just playing around.When a dog tries to sniff a cat thee cat would end up running away or attacking the dog.Dogs and cats might hate each other when they both are misunderstanding each other at the begging.Cats and dogs can get along. Cats are the best I think that cats are the best pet you could have.They are fun,funny,adorable,and the best part,soft.I have so much fun with them even though they scratch me
sometimes.Even though cats don't bring the ball back when you throw it to them or you cant take them for a walk you could still have some fun with them.
Cats aren't so much responsibility since they
sleep all day.Cats are cuddly,fun,and furry. Types of cats Picture American bobtail Manx Bengal Birman Ocicat Cat video
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