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Greek Theater

No description

gs students

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Greek Theater

The ancient Greeks loved live theater. Every town had at least one open air theater. These theaters attracted crowds of 15,000 people, per performance. Each town bragged about how wonderful their plays were and how marvelous their actors were.
Many Greeks tried to become famous playwrights. One of the most successful and famous was a Greek named Sophocles. Sophocles wrote 120 plays! His plays were a popular draw.
The Greek architects built theaters on hillsides. That let them position long benches in rows, one above the other, so that everyone could see
what was happening
on the stage.
The Stage
The stage was located at the bottom of the hill. They could also hear. Greek theaters had great acoustics by design.
Greek Plays
The ancient Greeks invented three types of plays. Tragedies always had a sad ending. Comedies always had a happy ending. A satires poked fun at real people and events. (In ancient Greece, it was illegal to poke fun at the gods. You would be put to death for mocking the gods as a punishment.) Comedies and tragedies entertained, but a well written satire could sway public opinion.
Greek Drama
The Greeks were very competitive. They had drama contests between towns. Winners were treated with great respect, nearly as much respect as the Olympic winners.
Greek Theater
Welcome To The Theater!
How was The theater made?
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