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Sofia Bernales and Breanna Duhart

No description

lib hist

on 29 August 2017

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Transcript of Sofia Bernales and Breanna Duhart

Mary Edwards Walker vs. Smedly Butler
Showed Valor and courage and risked their lives for other peoples well being
They were both activists for different causes
They were writers after they served
Both honored as Medal of Honor recepients
There both really important because Mary Edwards Walker was the First women and helped lead other women into serving and Smedly Butlers ranking was the highest ranking and he was avery popular activist.
Mary served in one war while Smedley served in 12 wars
Mary was surgeon during the war Civil war while Smedley was a Marina Crops General
She was awarded the medal by Andrew Jonhson and Smedley was awarded by Woodrow Wilson
She was born in Oswego,New York while he was born in West Chester, Pennsylvannia
She was only awareded one middle medal while he was awared sixteen medals
Smedly Darlington Butler

Smedly Butler was a United States Marine Corps general major.It was the highest rank authorized at that time.Smedly Butler was known for becoming an outspoken critic of U.S wars and their consequences like exposing the Buisness Plot,analleged plan to overthrow the U.S government.
Mary Edwards Walker
Mary Edwards Walker volunteered at the start of the civil war with union army and served as a unpaid surgeon. She was captured by Confederate forces after crossing enemy lines to treat wounded civilians.
Medal of honor
The medal of honor is the highest award of valor in action against an enemy force which can be bestowed upon an individual serving in the armed services of the United States.
Simmilarities and Differences
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