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30 Things About Me!!(:

30 Thing about me, and what I like to do on my free time!!

Elizabeth Roundy

on 4 March 2011

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Transcript of 30 Things About Me!!(:

30 Things About Me! 1. My name is Elizabeth 2.I like to hang out with my friends! 3.I was born in Utah 5.My best friends name is Bailey Franklin(: 6.I have 6 animals 7.I have a pet snake! His name name is "Snoop" 9.My favorite song is "Rocketeer" by Far East Movement 8.My favorite food
is steak 4.My favorite movie is "THe Blind Side" 10.My favorite colors are green and purple 11.I love to go to the mall 12.I dont like to travel 14.I have 2 brothers and one sister 13.I get annoyed really easily. 15.I love to eat junk food. 16.My favorite subject in school is clay 17.My friends and family mean the world to me 18.I hate sea food 19.I love Mc. Donalds Frappe's 20.I would like to travel to Hawaii 21.I love to eat cereal 22.I wish i could sing 24.My favorite soda is coke 25.I dont like to play any sports 26.My favorite holiday's are Christmas and my Birthday 27.One of my animals is a
hamster and her name is "Peaches" 28.I like to listen to music 29.I love Aubrey Richardson!!(: 30.I am the third oldest in my family 23.I love raspberry iced teas
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