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Immigration Story

No description

Jasmin Samra

on 9 February 2013

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Transcript of Immigration Story

What were the pull factors that affected your family's move? Positive and Negative impacts of immigration to Canada... It all started in 1996, when my mother left India to come to Canada. Her sister sponsored my mothers whole family to come to Canada. She had the opportunity to stay here permanently, along with the rest of her family. In 1997, she went back to India to get married. My mother is a family class immigrant. - a better economy
- more job opportunities
- much more resources
- had more freedom
- a better quality of life
- had more responsibilities
- better laws/government
- everyone is treated equally She came to Canada because of ... What were the push factors that affected your family's move? - no freedom
- no jobs
- was not very sanitary
- not the best quality of life
- didn't earn money by self (ex. father earned money, and shared with 6 children. money was spent with a limit)
- not a lot of basic necessities
- not everyone was treated equally
- not a well structured government/laws where and when it all started... She left India because of... Positive Impacts... Negative Impacts... - didn't know how to drive
- was hard to adjust to the weather (adaptable)
- was not familiar with English (knew a minimal amount of English)
- was hard to communicate
- was hard starting a new life in a new country - had the freedom to own a house, things, appliances
- could earn own money, and spend it
- a better life, in a better place
- learned more English I am a 1st generation Sites equality earn money a structured/democratic government more jobs no jobs/poverty a hard life not sanitary hard to adjust to the weather conditions My Immigration Story by: Jasmin Samra 9-2
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