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Viola Vaughn

No description

Jeff Nguyen

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Viola Vaughn

Changing the world starting with students

Heroine: Viola Vaughn

Jeff Nguyen
5th Period
Ms.Williams 60,000 4,500 Viola Vaughn
Graduated from Columbia University's Teachers College
Moved to Senegal in 2000
She started a education program that helped the girls of Senegal
1,500 150 15 If a child failed two consecutive years, they will be expelled
Girls who failed stayed at home and their mothers taught them how to be a good wife and mother
The girls were failing because young girls were needed at home to help with chores and money
Viola has 5 grandchildren and teaches them
One of Viola's granddaughter's playmate went up to to Viola and asked her if she could be home-schooled with her grandchildren
Viola didn't want to say no to her when she only wanted help
Viola accepted her and she brought 3 more girls the next day Viola searched for development agencies to support the little girls but she was rejected
She didn't have enough money to continue the program
The girls had an idea that they could sell cookies and fruit punch
They raised enough money to buy books and supplies Viola created a program that girls could go to if the failed public school
She gave them a second chance at education
Her work changed the community of Kaolack, Senegal
What ifViola walked away from the little girl?
What if her program wasn't formed? Viola looked at why the girls were dropping out of school
How You Can Help
Volunteering at One of the 10,000 girls locations
Help teach programs
Visit http://10000girls.wordpress.com/ to learm more about any contributions to the organization
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