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Salem Whitch Trials

No description

katie pugh

on 24 May 2012

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Transcript of Salem Whitch Trials

Illness Theories Delusion Theory: credence given to childrens fantasies and psychosomatic illnesses are some sources for the panic.

Disease Theory: syphilis (mold from bread) caused mental instability.

Drug Theory: effects from eatting bad mushrooms, herbs like deadly nightshade or henbane. Salem Witch Trials The Religous Rebellion Theories A. the Satanic Religious Theory: devil worship actually existed. People thought that they were trying to attack the Christian order.

B. the Pagan Religious Theory: certin forms of this worship from the ancient world continued through the Early Modern period and was misinterpreted by the Christian hunters as Satanic. The Confessional Theory Reformation and its resultant in fights between Protestants and the Roman Catholics led teach to use witchcraft to attackone another. The Mistaken Conspiracy Theory When they had started to blame each other about being witches they ended up killing about 23 people just because people had said they were causing them to hurt themselves or being pricked. After the fact the had realized that they had killed many inocent men and women. June 10
Bridget Bishop
July 19
Rebecca Nurse
Sarah Good
Susannah Martin
Elizabeth Howe
Sarah Wildes
August 19
George Burroughs
Martha Carrier
John Willard
George Jacobs, Sr.
John Proctor
September 22
Martha Corey
Mary Eastey
Ann Pudeator
Alice Parker
Mary Parker
Wilmott Redd
Margaret Scott
Samuel Wardwell

One accused witch (or wizard, as male witches were often called) was pressed to death on September 19 when he failed to plead guilty or not guilty:

Giles Corey

Other accused witches died in prison:

Sarah Osborn
Roger Toothaker
Lyndia Dustin
Ann Foster THE mISOGYNY THEORY The witch hunts embodied a social hostility toward women. such therioes are often tied with popularizing feminist writers, who might also see in witchcraft a source of empowerment for women. why did the witch hunts happen? there are numerous factors and events on why it had started to create and influence the trials. The main factors that started and fueled the trials were politics, religion, family feuds, economics, and the imaginations and fears of the people works cited http://departments.kings.edu/womens_history/witch/worigin.html The many men and women how died in the Salem Witch hunt Made by Katie Pugh, Jamie Hester Kayla Hamby, Dylan Yalowitz
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