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Costa Rica tropical rain forest

No description

GeNé Mitchell

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Costa Rica tropical rain forest

Costa Rica tropical rainforest
by: Destiny Brackenridge and GeNé Mitchell.

One of the most important adaptions that occur is the "drainage capability". This adaption occurs with leaves. You see when leaves need to get free as possible out of the cover of moisture excess, which can erupt the normal activity of photosynthesis the "drip tip" which is a sharp and often long point at the end of leaves. The water runs by gravity along the leaf,coverages and collects a tip and finally drips from there. The leaves also have a wax-like water repelling surface in the leaf, which causes any water drop to slide down leaving it absolutely dry.
Biotic factors
There is plenty of things that fall under living biotic factors in Costa Rica tropical rain forest. Which includes producers, consumers, secondary consumer, and decomposers.
Producer examples; rubber trees, bambo, and tropical. Things that eat the producers, such as sloths, lemurs and marmosets and monkeys are called consumers. Also includes tigers, jaguars, snakes and toucans. Decomposers are things like termites and earthworms.
Detail 3
Detail 4
Costa Rica tropical rain forest
Well it’s no surprise Costa Rica rainforest is located in Costa Rica! ( center of America)
The tropical rain forest biome is a very worldly environment with plenty of animal and plant life.
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