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The Passionate Shepherd to His Love

written by Christopher Marlowe

abby fister

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of The Passionate Shepherd to His Love

Symbolism The Passionate Shepherd to His Love
By:Christopher Marlowe Meaning Theme Tone The tone of this poem could be a few things.
Hope Examples:
Roses- Love, beauty, and desire.
Posies-safety( thought to keep diseases away)
Myrtle: Love and marriage
He uses flowers in the poem to put more meaning into it. They all really emphasize love.
The country that the Shepherd constantly brings up symbolizes the peace and tranquility they will enjoy together. "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love"
By: Christopher Marlowe The Shepherd in this poem is professing his love.
He is making many promises to her.
He talks about how great the country side is, and how they will live a great life.
The Shepherd is also explaining things to make them seem mystical, almost like a dream.
He has great hope.
COME live with me and be my Love,
And we will all the pleasures prove
That hills and valleys, dale and field,
And all the craggy mountains yield.

There will we sit upon the rocks
And see the shepherds feed their flocks,
By shallow rivers, to whose falls
Melodious birds sing madrigals.
. The main theme is love, but it is also nature oriented. Other Literary Elements Alliteration - “The Shepherd swains shall dance and sing”(line 25), also "with coral clasps”(line18).
Simile-“thy silver dishes for thy meat/ as precious as the gods do eat”(lines21-22).
Apostrophe- “come live with me my love”. He is speaking to someone who isn’t really there Abigail Fister Imagery and sensory imagery The shepherd wants to give her everything he can.
He is basically pleading for her to come with him.
You can tell he is trying to convince her with the way he explains things.
The Shepherd is waiting for her to reply. 1564-1593
He died at age 29.
There will I make thee beds of roses
And a thousand fragrant posies,
A cap of flowers, and a kirtle
Embroider'd all with leaves of myrtle.

A gown made of the finest wool
Which from our pretty lambs we pull,
Fair linèd slippers for the cold,
With buckles of the purest gold.
A belt of straw and ivy buds
With coral clasps and amber studs:
And if these pleasures may thee move,
Come live with me and be my Love.

Thy silver dishes for thy meat
As precious as the gods do eat,
Shall on an ivory table be
Prepared each day for thee and me.

The shepherd swains shall dance and sing
For thy delight each May-morning:
If these delights thy mind may move,
Then live with me and be my Love. Examples:
1. When the shepherd talks about the valleys, hills, and craggy mountains: This shows the landscape. He is explaining it so the woman(and the reader) can "see" where they would live. He tries to explain the landscape as if it is beautiful, as if it is paradise.
2. He talks about the rivers and the birds singing, this makes it so you can "hear" how tranquil and peacful their life together would be. 3. Overall, Marlowe uses imagery in this poem so that the readers can picture the land and the life he wants to live with his love. Love/caring- This is proved by the Shepherd constantly telling the woman what he will give her. Throughout the whole poem the shepherd is trying to convince her that he will give her everything she desires. Hope- This whole poem gives off the vibe of Hope. The shepherd is trying to convince his love to go with him. He is hoping that she will feel the same. He is almost pleading for her to come with him. Throughout the poem the Shepherd is saying how wonderful the countryside is. He makes it seem very safe and reliable. He paints a clear picture that it will be perfect for her. Example: “There will we sit upon the rocks/And see the shepherds feed their flocks,/By shallow rivers, to whose falls/Melodious birds sing madrigals. Throughout the whole poem the Shepherd wants the lady’s love so much that he would do almost anything to make her stay with him and love him.
Example: He states he will give or make her “a gown made of the finest wool", along with many other things. The end This poem was published in 1599, after Marlowe’s death
It is a lyric poem
It is an ode
It is written in first-person so that you can see a clear persona and strong feelings.
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