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english class

No description

Andrés Castillo

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of english class

My Virtual Portfolio My name is Andrés Castillo, I'm twenty eitht years old, I'am single, I'm a systems engineer, I live with my mother and my sister, my mother's name is Flor, she is forty three, my sister's name is Ximena, she is twenty years old, she is a student of social work, my father name is Wilson, he is fifty years old, i have an oldest brother, his name is Alejandro, his profession is industrial engineer, he is twenty nine years old, they are from Bogotá, like me. I like de music and to play football at the weekends, sometimes i meet some friends in their house or in my house new Words pictures writing new Words Signature Mistake Error Signature Signature Firma Signature Shines Brilla Signature Vowel Vocal Signature through a través de Signature pain dolor Signature feeling Sentimiento Signature tissues pañuelos Signature chair silla Signature sun glasses gafas de sol Signature By Andrés Castillo Unit 2 First Tom wakes up at 9:30 then he gets up and drinks a coffee, next he takes a shower and reads the newspaper while he takes a breakfast at 10:30, after he gets dressed and sings, then he starts his work, he takes the subway at 11:30 he gets to school at 12:00, next he teaches English, between 12:00 and 2:00, then at 2:30 he eats a sandwich and again he teaches from 4:00 to 9:30. After he takes a bus to go home at 11:30 and after he checks his papers from 12:00 to 1:00 and finally he sleeps at 1:00 new Words pictures writing new Words Signature Leave Dejar Signature dinner Cena Signature newspaper periodico Signature offen casi siempre Signature shower ducha Signature cousin primo/a Signature Nephew Sobrino Signature Niece Sobrina Signature chair silla Signature siblings hermanos Signature Mateo Unit 1 Weekend Pedro Unit 3 My favorite time of day is the afternoon, 'couse I finish my work and I can go to my house or go to the gym, or simply I sometimes go to eat a big and delicious hamburguer. My favorite days of the week is Friday and saturday, 'couse play football and I have time for other activities like watching movies or matches, and I go to the cinema. My favorite weather is warn, like in Ibague city or Chinauta, 'couse is not very hot. My favorite holiday is new year, becouse I travel with my family and I have vacations, moreover, I don't drive every day, and, if I want, I don't weak up!! new Words pictures writing new Words Signature ill enfermo Signature beard barba Signature winter invierno Signature fair rubio Signature tired cansado Signature church iglesia Signature thin delgado Signature weather clima Signature guess aproximacion Signature warm calido Signature
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