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UK Geography

No description

Tom Prantz

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of UK Geography

Geography of the United Kingdom
surrounded by 3 seas and 1 Channel
United Kingdom
consists of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland
245,000 km²
temperate climate
large periods of rain
rains, snow and wind more frequent in high areas
Parts of the UK
capital: London
130.000 km² largest part of the UK
most of it is lowland in south east
highlands in north west
River Severn longest in the UK 354km
most famous River Thames 346km
capital: Edinburgh
78.772 km²
lowlands in south and east
highlands in north and west
Ben Nevis 1344m highest mountain in the UK
most famous for Loch Ness
capital: Cardiff
20.761 km²
generally hilly
highest peak: Snowdon 1085m
mainly preserved areas
important river: River Dee
by Tom Prantz, Alexander Kopf
Northern Ireland
Atlantic Ocean
Irish Sea
North Sea
English Channel
Northern Ireland
capital: Belfast
13.843 km²
the territory is formed by green plains
some small mountainous areas
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Diercke Weltatlas
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