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Zuni People

No description

emmJay Chavez

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Zuni People

The Zuni People by: Mary Jayne Chavez
History of the Four Corners Zuni are natives of New Mexico, unlike some tribes
they were not forced off their land and today they are still living there. Culture Zuni language -unrelated to any other Native American language. Ceremonies
Independent and belief system
Irrigated agriculture + Raising livestock
Traditional arts and crafts
Old-style Pueblos Food The Zuni were expert farming people.
Squash Cotton
Tobacco Men hunted...
Small game Women gathered...
Herbs Favorite Zuni recipes included...
corn balls
baked beans soups
different types of cornbread. Historical Events 1941-1945 More than two hundred Zuni men served in the armed forces in World War II. When they returned to the Pueblo, they helped to cause a very large change in the tribal economy learned silver jewelry making from Navajo 1950-1960 Zuni Public School District was formed. 1980 Zuni wins battle to save Zuni Salt Lake. Salt River
Project pulls plans back for Fence Lake Coal Mine. Over
two-decades of battle to preserve the home of
Ma'lokkyattsik'i (Salt Mother) has finally come to an end 2003 Zuni People Today Modern houses, vehicles, and food
Language & Traditions
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