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IB Unit, from planner to assessment

No description

Angela Buchanan

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of IB Unit, from planner to assessment

From planning to fruition The creation of an IB Unit Backward Design is Best Practice Students Complete Performance Task - Summative Assessment Using the State/Common Core Standards, an authentic assessment is developed Across the globe, motion is used a universal way of expressing ourselves and maintaining our health. Develop a "significant concept" What moves you? Develop a Unit Question Criterion E: Processing Data

Collect and record data using appropriate units

Organize and transform data into diagrammatic forms, including mathematical formulas and visual representation

Present data in a variety of ways using appropriate communication modes and conventions

Determine IB Assessment Criterion FL SSS Standard SC.6.P.12.1, Measure and graph distance versus time for an object moving at a constant speed. Interpret this relationship.

An assessment was developed in which students would measure and graph the distance and time of a bowling ball

Determine which Area of Interaction will be used as the focus Health and Social Education - How can I look after myself and others? Develop a Unit Title We Like to Move It, Move It! Students reflect on their experience, on their understanding of the content, and on their interpretation of their answer to the unit question. Interdisciplinary Connections Math - interpreting slope of a line
Spanish - Verbs Throughout the unit... Best practice teaching methods
Formative assessment of the selected criterion
Student reflections, self-evaluations, and metacognitive processes
Multiple opportunities for students to answer the unit question
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