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Australian Federation

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Australian Federation

There where many issues with federation some were small issues and some were big, some people didn't mind but some were hating the rules. There are to many rules to go through so I'll only go through a-couple: Immigration, Immigration took a huge part in federation, Train Tracks (they where annoying) lastly, not getting a say that was where things changed
Ruri's: Australian Federation
What happend
Federation went on for a long time, it was a bumpy ride for those who went through it. Those things where not fair each state/colonies. They each had there own armies and there own laws/rules which is really hard to remember all the laws/rules.
Before Federation
Life before federation was hard and not many people got to choose their own right, back then Australia only had six very separate colonies that included: Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria and Tasmania, the Northern Territory comes along later.
By: Ruri Wilson
Federation was a rough time for people especially people who aren't English they had to take a special test that where in English , (which would be hard if you come from another continent/state and you don't know English.) They had to through immigration and switching trains at every boarder, I would hate to go through that.
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