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No description

Junghyun Park

on 20 September 2016

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Transcript of FUTURE DAY

Meeting with Future Scholars
Thank you for Listening
For the Better Future
"Jeong Trio"
Thursday, June 02, 2016
Prof.BOTKA class
Imagine Your Future
Ver 1
. Time Machine

Go to Future!!

who will
lead our future
can have
a dream by
experiencing many different
such as
police officer, firefighter,
chef, model, dentist and so on.

Kids can imagine more
uncertain future
from job shadowing.
Not only children but also
who worry about employment can experience

the workplace of their interesting field
during the holiday.

visiting a dream job
, they can
figure out working conditions
in advance, and it can
raise their morale

Free Movie Viewing

futurologists' meeting
will be held on the "Future Day". If you wonder about the future, you should observe it. It will be
broadcast live
, so you can watch it on television.

In this talk show, futurists gather to share their each
. You can participate as a audience and ask questions to them in person, if you desired.
Ver 2
. Let's go to the mysterious world
Dreams come true!
Jeong Trio
Movie theaters provide
3D or 4D movies for everybody who lives life to the full!
Senior citizens
who lived in troubled times can
go back

to remains of youth
while watching a movie. They will
reminisce about the good old days
for a while, by feeling all situations with 4D movies.
Modern people

are worn
out due to our monotonously repetitive daily life. So we need some time to
refresh ourselves
on “Future Day”.
We can
explore space
mysterious world, meet dinosaurs,
and stuck on sweet romance. The films will put us in the way of leaving time travel as if in a
time machine to go to the mysterious world.
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