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Placental Blood Collection

No description

Angelica Lagunas

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Placental Blood Collection

Premature neonates admitted in the NICU are routinely phlebotomized within the first hours after birth For the smallest patients the initial phlebotomy might equal up to 10% of their total blood volume >Decreased Hematocrit & Hemoglobin
>Hemodynamic Instability Increased risk for
Hemorrhage Increased Incidence of
Handicaps >Increased need for early blood transfusion
>Early use of Vasopressors NICU NURSES Reduces the potential need for early
blood transfusions
in neonates less than
32 weeks gestation * There are no EXTRA costs
*Reduce hospital costs by using less donor blood More blood can be obtained for blood samples yielding more accurate results Vasopressors are less commonly
used in the first days of life
due to improved
Hemodynamic stability References:
Journal of Perinatology. 2012. Using umbilical Cord blood for the initial blood test of VLBW neonates results in higher hemoglobin and fewer RBC transfusions. doi: 10.1038/jp.2012.27

Special Thanks to Dr. Robert Christensen for his help and sharing of his publications regarding placental blood draw
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