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Next Steps Plan

No description

Isis Lopez

on 24 January 2015

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Transcript of Next Steps Plan

Action Research Focus
Computer-based math and reading comprehension intervention programs in the classroom can help provide individualized instruction.
Students who need additional instruction progress at their own level as they receive remediation intervention in an engaging computer-based program in order to advance them to where they need to be to meet the CCSS standards.
Gifted students advance as quickly as they want to.
Assessment data from the computer-based program will help teachers focus their instruction.
Using MobyMax will allow me to fine tune the areas of concern in my student's progress. I will be able to create mini-lessons to help them review, provide remediation at each of their levels to help fill in their gaps in order to prepare them for the Smarter Balanced Assessments while keeping them engaged in their learning.
I need to continue to do more research on my topic.

I need to make sure to create and administer a MobyMax baseline assessment in math and reading for each of my students, and then reassess them after several weeks to show progress.

Monitor their progress on this program, noting any issues that I come across in the curriculum, program, or device.

Create mini-lessons for small group instruction and interventions.
Finish Line
Next Steps Plan
EDGR 601
Isis Lopez
Concordia University

Research Question:

What methods of technology intervention can an elementary school teacher use to increase student engagement?
Overview of Research
Struggling readers have have been unable to close the learning gap between themselves and proficient readers. There is some evidence that remedial interventions for struggling readers may be less effective with older children than younger children (Kim, Samson, Fitzgerald, & Hartry, 2009).
Research suggests that motivation and interest are stimulated in children when material is presented on computers, but there is little evidence regarding whether computers facilitate cognitive gains (Kerr and Symons, 2006).
Should I use the San Diego Quick and Ekwald assessment data to establish a baseline for them to start at, or should everybody start at the Kinder level and progress from there?
How accurate and valid will the data from MobyMax be?
What is the minimum amount of time required by each student on MobyMax to show progress?
Should I also use MobyMax as part of their weekly homework?
How will each student's progress on MobyMax be transferred to the following school year?
Kerr, M., & Symons, S. (2006, January 19). Computerized presentation of text: Effects on children's reading of informational material. Retrieved from http://web.a.ebscohost.com.ezproxy.cu-portland.edu/ehost/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?vid=6&sid=54b3fa30-9ad5-4569-9115-efe6ec7bab26%40sessionmgr4001&hid=4114
Kim, J. S., Samson, J. F., Fitzgerald, R., & Hartry, A. (2010). A randomized experiment of a mixed-methods literacy intervention for struggling readers in grades 4-6: Effects on word reading efficiency, reading comprehension and vocabulary, and oral reading fluency. Reading and Writing, 23(9), 1109-1129. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11145-009-9198- 2
MobyMax: The complete curriculum system! (2014). Retrieved from http://www.mobymax.com/

Creating a feedback survey for parents and students.
Send a letter home with students login and password.
Keeping notes of my observations and charting data.
Could students benefit from taking the tablets home, or accessing the program via the MobyMax app on their own devices at home?
Do all my students have internet access at home?

Most of the research that I have come across is 10 years or older, so I need to find more recent research on my topic.
I will need to refine my search to include engagement, math and reading comprehenson intervention strategies, and technology in the classroom.
I would like to have access to another computer-based program at my school to compare results in order to determine which program is best and engages my students.
I have an opportunity to work with one of my former Nevada State College professors, who has worked extensively on research, in implementing my research at my school.
I need to look at various methods of engaging students on the MobyMax tablets without creating boredom.
Throughout the next few months I will administer a baseline assessment in math and reading comprehension. I will develop intervention lessons for small group instruction and remediation.
I will create a schedule for using the MobyMax devices in class while minimizing boredom and in order to keep my students engaged.
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