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My Favorite Warrior Cats!

This is about my favorite warrior cats and my own warrior cats I've made up.

Ashheart Thunderclan

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of My Favorite Warrior Cats!

My Favorite Warrior Cats and More!!! My Favorite Warriors: Lionblaze
Leafstar My own Warriors(use all time): Tigerlily
Darkpaw Lionblaze Mother Leafpool and father Crowfeather Siter Hollyleaf Brothers Jayfeather and Breezepelt(half) IS one of the four Very Loyal Loves Cinderheart my #1 fav.cat because....... he's very loyal and will do anthing for his clan IVYPOOL Mother Whitewing and father is Birchfall sister is Dovewing She is a DF(dark forest)spy Very loyal helping her sister and the four is for the good side my second fav. warrior cat because...... she is loyal and will do anything for her clan even if it means going to the darkforest Spottedleaf medicene cat loyal star clan loves Firestar Mother is Swiftbreeze and father is Adderfang sisters:Leapardfoot and Willowpelt Brothers:Patchpelt and Redtail thunder clan killed by shadowclan warrior she's my #3rd fav.cat because... i think she was a very good med.cat and because she had a sad death. Yellowfang Mate Raggedstar son Brokenstar/Tail Shadowclan Thunderclan Starclan loyal med.cat funny she's my #4th fav.cat because.... she tried to prove she was loyal to thunderclan and she did,which is how she died Firestar Rusty kittypet father:Jake and mother Nutmeg sisters Princess and Ruby(half) half brothers Socks and Scourge mate:Sandstorm daughters:Squirreflight and Leafpool grandchilderen:Jayfeather (tom),Lionblaze(tom),and Hollyleaf(she-cat) Best friend:
Graystripe Loyal leader one life #5 because.... he is very loyal and has been there since the begaining.he may have been a kitty-pet but he will aways put his caln first Leafstar Leaf rouge mate:Billystorm Skyclan daughers:Firekit and Stormkit son:harrykit leader loyal #6th fav.cat because: she is very nice and is always ready to exept new cats into her clan Tigerlily former mate:Grassfur mate:Lightningpaw Daughters:Tigerpaw and Shadowkit and Princess Holly sons:Grasskit,Smokekit,Lightningkit,Treekit,and Darkpaw rouge sisters:Blair and Dream mother:unknown
baby-sitter:Dolly father:Darkshadow almost killed uncle:Smokefeather doesn't believe in Darkforest loyal always their for her clan will fight for her mate warrior Darkshadow Father Grandfather Elder Friend ex mate:Unknown Kits:Dream,Blair,and Tigerlily Grandchildren:Tigerpaw,Darkpaw,Grasskit,Smokekit Princess Holly Lightningkit,Shadowkit,and Treekit Always loyal Smart Thunderclan Loves his family Caring towards others Can tell a good story Was a great Warrior Darkpaw Appertice EVIL Darkforest cat unstable Parents:Tigerlily and Grassfur Step dad:Lightningpaw Grandparents:Darkshadow Siblings:Tigerpaw.Princess Holly,Smokekit,Grasskit Treekit Lightningkit Shadowkit Darkforest friends:Smokefeather and Grassfur Right now he's confused Tigerpaw Parents:Tigerlily and Grassfur Step dad:Lightiningpaw Grandparents:Darkshadow Siblings:Darkpaw,Princess Holly
Grasskit,Smokekit Lightiningkit,Shadowkit,and Treekit Loves Lightiningpaw like a father Hates Grassfur Loyal Thunderclan Is alot like her mother Is the oldest out of her siblings Appertice Doesn't get along with Darkpaw Princess Holly is her best friend Right now she's just being her
normal self Uncle:Smokefeather
Aunts:Dream and Blair THE END!!!!
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