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"The Devil's Bait"

No description

Jessica Kwok

on 30 August 2015

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Transcript of "The Devil's Bait"

Thank You!
The narrator becomes interested in Morgellons disease
She attends a conference in Austin, Texas
she meets people that claim to have the disease
"Now that I'm here, I wash my hands a lot. I'm conscious of other people's bodies. Then it starts happening, as I knew it would. After a shower, I notice small blue strands like tiny worms across my clavicle. I find... little quills, tucked into the crevice of a fortune line on my palm... The blue fibers are probably just stray threads from a towel, or from my sleeve, the quills not quills at all but smeared ink on the surface of the skin. But it's in these moments of fear that I come closest to experiencing Morgellons the way patients do".
the narrator starts to suspect her own body, looking for signs of Morgellons
Being with the others and empathizing for them starts to cloud her own mind
"people said they had a strange ailment, and no one -- or hardly anyone -- believed them... they didnt know what this stuff was, or where it came from, or why it was there, but they knew -- and this was what mattered, the important word -- that it was real" .
discusses what Morgellons disease is
no doctors or people not suffering from it, believe those affected by the disease
not the case for the "Morgies"
Theme & How it Relates to the World
"It's an essay about what kinds of reality are considered prerequisties for compassion. It's about this strange sympathetic limbo: Is it wrong to speak of empathy when you trust the fact of suffering but not the source".
Personal Relation to the Essay
Literal-the idea of bugs crawling in your body
Quotation 1 & Explanation
Leslie Jamison from Haper's Magazine
"The Devil's Bait"
Summary Continued
The narrator begins to empathize with the people
starts to wonder if she has Morgellons too
Jessica Kwok
3rd Period
Mrs. Marquard
Quotation 2 & Explanation
Diseases of the mind are apparent in our world
In some people it is easier to see that they are suffering more than others
Should we show empathy without question? Is empathy still empathy even if we do not necessarily think the person suffering is completely serious?
it is hard for us to answer these questions when there are no tangible, reasonable signs of damage
In third grade, I had lice
The narrator mentioned that she had a worm from Bolivia
once it was out, she kept on checking the wound to see if it somehow came back
once I got rid of the lice, everytime I scratched my head, I would be scared that they had come back
Symbolically-Empathy or not
Morgellons Disease is an actual disease and I do not know whether or I believe it is real or not
It is hard to tell if a person is legitimate or just crazy
why I liked the essay-- makes you think about what my own opinion would have been
also made me kind of nervous when I saw marks from pens or strands of thread on my arms
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