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Untitled Prezi

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Riley Galgay

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Mesi Autio and Riley Galgay Frankenstein agrees to make the female monster. Frankenstein goes traveling. Frankenstein goes to an island to work by himself. He sees the monster and says no. My Apocalypse- Escape the Fate In the first verse it says that he is trapped and suffocating while looking for a way out. That's kind of how Frankenstein felt when he had to agree and make the other monster, like he didn't want to do it but he had to. Gypsy-Shakira On My Own-Three Days Grace Radioactive- Imagine Dragons Monster kills Clervel. Frankenstein Playlist He goes to jail for the murder of Clervel. Elizabeth is sad because Frankenstein becomes depressed again. The Harold Song-Kesha We chose this song because it talks about murder. The part of this song talks about how "There's a man with an axe, standing in the rain." and that relates to the monster since he killed Henry. 0:25- 1:00 Rebirthing-Skillet We used Gypsy by shakira for this part because in the second verse she says "scars remind me of just how far I've come." and that's like how Frankenstein goes to make the new monster and that reminds him of the bad he did with the original creature. We chose this song for when Victor goes to work on the island because in the first verse the song goes "I walk alone, think of home, memories long ago." Like how he remembers how it used to be before he created the monster. Then, later on in the song he says he's standing on his own like how Frankenstein is alone in this, too. We chose radioactive by imagine dragons because the song is about him waking up and regaining his strength. This is like how Frankenstein finally says no and realizes that he isn't owned by the creature. We chose The Harold Song by Kesha because the whole song is about missing the other person and wanting to be with them again. This reminded us of how Elizabeth was sad because Frankenstein was sad and she missed how he used to be.
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