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the hero's journey

in 12 easy steps with Shrek

Missy Feller

on 17 August 2012

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Transcript of the hero's journey

the hero's journey in 12 easy steps the hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. 1. Ordinary World this is the hero's normal before the story begins world 2. Call to Adventure the hero is presented with a or problem, challenge, adventure 3. Refusal of the Call the hero refuses usually because he's scared 4. Meeting Mentor the hero meets a mentor to gain advice or train
for the adventure 5. Crossing the
First Threshold the hero leaves the ordinary world and goes into the special world 6. Tests, Allies, Enemies the hero faces tests, meets allies, the rules of the special world confronts enemies & learns 7. Approach the hero has hit setbacks during tests and may need 8. Ordeal the biggest life or crisis death 9. Reward the hero has survived death overcomes his fear and now reward 10. The Road Back the hero must return to the ordinary world 11. resurrection hero another test where the hero faces everything where he must use death 12. Return with Elixir the hero returns with the elixir the challenge to try a new idea earns the he's learned from the journey and uses it to help everyone in the Ordinary with Shrek ~ Joseph Campbell
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