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No description

Thushanthan Kulendran

on 30 September 2013

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Matt Christopher

Steve Crandall, a thirteen year old boy was taken home in a stranger' s car known as Kenneth Agard Jr. He later realizes that they are not taking him home but taking him to another state to play Kenneth's professional hockey team. Steve was worried about this because he needs to let his parents know if he has permission, but Kenneth said that they had already said yes.

Steve wasn't sure about the offer as they had arrived at his headquarters. Even though he met two new friends, playing against the best hockey teams in the country, and living life to the fullest inside his mind tells him that he's got something up. One day he escaped and called the cops but got caught . He got a punishment and two days later went to Mulberry City to play against the Condors. After the second period ended, Steve escaped but was caught again. Just then his father arrived and explained that Kenneth is a bad person and forgined the contracts for the kids to play in the hockey club.
Setting Description
The story takes place at "The Bobtails and Buckeyes" game in the afternoon, with Steve winning it and has unknowingly accepted a ride home. Another setting was at Kenneth Agard's mansion where the Chariots players (including Steve) play their hockey games. Most of the story happens at this place.
Inferences and Connections
Text to World: About three or four months ago, I heard at CP24 news that a woman had been kidnapped by a group of men. This news relates to when Steve got taken away by a stranger named Kenneth Agard Jr kind of by kidnapping.

Text to Text: This book also reminds me of a hockey article that I read. The hockey article talks about hockey superstars such as Mike Bossy and Wayne Gretzky. This can relate to the book because Steve plays hockey just like the players in the article and plays really well at it just like the players in the article.
Favourite Passage
"Just as a Buckeyes' wingman charged at him, Steve slapped the puck with a hard, solid blow. The disk rose off the ice and flew toward the open space so fast only a few pairs of eyes were able to follow it. Both the defensive man and the goalie raised their gloved hands in a desperate try to catch it, then dropped them helplessly as the puck sailed in for Steve's sixth point."
I like this passage because I really really love hockey and this passage reminds me of the players in a hockey
game trying to shoot a goal
which I like!

Main Characters
Steve is a normal 13 year old boy who loves to play hockey. He played hockey ever since he was 3. He learnt from his father who played hockey at college. It turnt out he was pro and was a really awsome center. He watches to games in Mulberry City college. He playes for the Bobtails in a league. When he grows up, he wants to be a hockey player like Wayne Gretzky and Mike Bossy.

Kenneth Agard Jr. is a multimillionaire and hockey genius, but also a cruel and a tyrant. He foreigns contracts and earns money from the players' trust funds. He takes kids away without letting their parents know and takes them into custody. He is so secrective that the FBI can't find him.
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