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No description

Brandon Gaston

on 12 April 2014

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Transcript of Chad

An Analysis of the CIA Factbook Data
People & Society
Government & Military
Transnational Issues
Prescriptions for Change
- Mostly desert and partially tropical
- Probably very hard to grow crops in the desert area
- Official languages are Arabic & French
Age Groups
- Largest Age Groups are:
- 45.2% 0-14
- 27.6% 25-54
- Attend school for 8 years
- 80% of Chadians are below poverty
- 35.4% of population can read and write

- Mostly boys
- Chad is a republic
- Elected government officials
- All males must serve minimum of 3 years
- Military is compulsory
- Many issues occur in the boundaries of the Chad
- 1.6% of GDP
- Unemployment
3x the size of California
- GDP per capita = $2,000 per household per year
- Compared to $48,000 in the US
Economy & Education
- 35.4% of people are literate
- 47.9% of people work in agriculture
- Agriculture, Cotton picking, Service, & Industry
- If you want a good job in Chad you need to have and education
- Chad is home to many refugees coming from Sudan and The Central African Republic, seeking safety and shelter
Drug & Money Laundering
- 80% in poverty
- 35.4% cannot read or write
- sex trafficking and drug laundering is a way to make good money or trade without having an education or real job
- Chad needs to invest money in a wellfare progrom so that the Chadians can make money and still send their kids to school instead of pulling them out of school to go to work and help provide for the family
- More woman need to be educated
- Sextrafficking and drug dealings needs to stop
Africa, Chad
Take one step at a time
100mg Change
prescribed by: Dr. Gaston
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