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willam shakeespear

No description

jack fanning

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of willam shakeespear

was born in April, 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire On November 28, 1582 the Bishop of Worcester issued the marriage bond for "William Shagspere" and "Ann Hathwey of Stratford." The lost years there is no documentary record of Shakespeare's activities from the birth of the twins, in 1585 until Robert Greene's complaint about him as an "upstart crow" in 1592. The years 1594-1599 were momentous for Shakespeare. He produced a steady stream of plays of the highest quality and verbal invention. He continued as a principal actor and manager in the Chamberlain's men, blessed with a stable work environment in the all too unstable world of the theater. Shakespeare's final three plays were written in collaboration with the King's Men's new dramatist , John Fletcher. Henry VIII (1613), Two Noble Kinsmen (probably also written in 1613 or 1614) and the now lost Cardenio were the plays. 1606 he wirtes the play hamlet 1845 romeo and juliet 1623 micbeth is wirten
Susanna was born in 1583 Shakespeare needed a way to earn a wage until the theatres reopened. He also desired to be taken seriously as a writer. Playwrights of the era were considered little more than populist hacks, writing largely disposable entertainment. Shakespeare instead found a way to earn both money and acclaim through the patronage of the third Earl of Southampton, Henry Wriothesley.

by jack fanning
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