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No description

abhishek guli

on 13 May 2016

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Transcript of P.I.D

project initiation document
PeopleSoft proposal is to manage the issues related with change in the company
Approach to the problem
Changing process of work, shifts in responsibilities among offices, where relevant, and changes in the way data flows among offices.

Implement the HRMS items in the way that help in the products of student administration
Key stakeholders
Executive sponsors,
Project manager,
Technical project lead,
Lead- HR payrolls, Team member, consultants/ HR, consultant/Payroll, consultants/ benefits, and consultant/Technical
Risk involved in this project are, effect on business, organizational support, other projects are given priority, change in priorities, obtaining the right skills, not properly defined as well as managed benefits, and potential to have union resistance.
Client requirement for this project
Replace the present mainframe HR, Benefits and Payroll systems and offer applications of client-server.
objective of this project is implemented the PeopleSoft Human Resources, Payroll modules and benefits

PeopleSoft core application and will help in core HR functionality, promotion, process of payroll, termination, and compensation activities
There are different project management deliverables, such as business budget and case, plan for project implementation, and it will include efforts, tasks, timescales, resources, realization of benefits, and deliverables
Key Issue's
Issues involved in the project are, availability of resources, finance and budget agreement, maintaining the momentum of project, resistance to change and cultural acceptance, and activities related to service improvement that occurs outside the project remit
To improve the services that are given to the customers by including all IT employees in the process of delivering economic, professional, efficient and effective customer-centric services by re-engineering the complete firm
Managing Change

he HRMS project will try to achieve the change within the project by adopting the Princeton project office methodology. This methodology will explain to build a 30% of the change amount in all the estimated project phases
Time Plan

The time period Expected to be 8 days of meeting and 8 week long

The cost expected with all incultion will be $200,000
Thanks A Million
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