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yokogawa presentation

Wan Jun Hao

on 30 November 2014

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Transcript of ITE

ITE College Central
Industrial Attachment to
Yokogawa Electric International Pte Ltd
(14 July 2014 - 28 November 2014)

Presented by:
Boon kiat, Jun Kang, Kevin, Nigel, Jun Hao, Jun Kai, Gary, Li Xin
Class: AV1301G , AV1301H
Company's Introduction
Set up in 1974, Yokogawa Singapore has earned a reputation in the South-east Asian region as one of the most reliable suppliers of process control instrumentation.

Oil and Gas
Refining and Petrochemicals
Pulp and Paper
Temperature Gauges
Yokogawa Electric Asia (YAS)
Yokogawa Engineering Asia (YEA)

YAS and YEA are members of Yokogawa Group shares the same "
brand and philosophy

Yokogawa Singapore Organisation
Enviromental Stress Screening
Vibration testing
Decompression test
Thermal Cycle
Vibration testing is to ensure and simulate that the display lighting module is able to withstand vibration generated by plane during take off ,flight or landing .
Vibration Testing
Decompression Test
Decompression test is to simulate aircraft compression on LCD Assembly module (LAM) in high altitude
Make sure that the LAM can remain functional after being depressurized
Thermal Cycle

Thermal cycle is to expose the hidden defects that were introduced during the manufacturing process and to verify that the products are robust enough to meet the required condition
Visual Inspection
Visual Inspection

Acceptance test report and Packaging

Avionics Business Centre / Engineering

Time Study
Filming or taking down timing for a operator to finish a certain process
Video will be studied and eliminate any unrequired steps
PJ640 & PJ639

Let’s practice Enterprise,Technology, and Solutions
Competition where each department will present its improvement of various processes
Act as a support, note down what was discussed during meetings etc

Job Description
Process Improvement
Equipments Functionality
Ensuring Smooth Production Flow

BLU Assembly is to combine both LED Circuit Board, Aluminum metal base and Reflector together. After combining all of them, it will become a unit before going to the next process BLU ATP.
BLU ATP or LED Integrity Check is important because during this process, it helps by checking if the LED lights are working fine before combining is together.

Checking the blue, red and green LED stable and sustainable without blinking. In any case of the LED Light producing problems (abnormal) or can’t produce white light. Stop, Ask & Wait for help assistance.
DMB ATP is to check the DMB board with a given Voltage input into the device that is it working perfectly or fail the test before mounting the BLU and DMB with the LCD product together.

BLU Final Assembly


Time Study

Production Control Centre (PCC)

Business Developement (BDD)

Cleanroom Operation (CLO)

Production (PDN)

Avioncs Business Centre (ABC)

Manufacturing Centre

Engineering Centre (ENC)

Management Centre

PT Yokogawa Manufacturing Batam

Company Overview

Yokogawa Electric Asia

Product and Processing Engineering
Engineering (ENG)
Research Design (RDD)
New production and process innovation (NPI)
Process and production Electric/Electrical Mechanical Engineering (PPE)
During the attachment I did Cable making, Label printing, Assembly of metal cases, Making of connectors, crimping, Laser marking, Packaging and failure analysis.

Cable Making
I also Assist in…
Develop new checkers for production use.
Ensure checkers component and equipment are sent for calibration
Programming new equipment
Making improvement to screening oven
Label Printing
Visual inspection
Making of Connecters
Laser marking
DMB ATP or DMB Integrity Check is to check the PCB with a given Voltage allowance input to the device that will be working perfectly. Any Failed tests are not be mounted with the BLU and with the LCD product together.
There are
3 important steps
before combining BLU & DMB together
Provide functional check on the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) to ensure the PCB working perfectly before mounting them into the final product.
BLU Workstation
The purpose of Visual Inspection

Identify any defects or flaws from the overall product

No damage is done to the product during all of the previous test procedures

Applying protective film to the finished product

Packaging of product with ESD protected plastic

Lastly, Acceptance test record is a procedure where all the information of the particular product are recorded into excel
Key Learning
Stock up of Chemical & Dispose Chemical waste
Chemical Cabinet in our department
Chemical Store on 1st floor
Chemical Waste Disposal Area
Aluminum metal base
Added LED Circuit Board
Adding Reflector
Final Product
BLU ATP/ LED Integrity Check
The LED being lighted up
Installing of DMB into the dummy product
Checking for Voltage allowance
Checker development
Wash all avionics product PCB assembly
Inspect PCB Boards
Assign barcodes to the boards
Assembly of Metal Case
Improvement of screening oven
Back Light Unit Assembly
Communications skills
Time management
Relationship with colleagues
Back Light Unit Testing
We’re from New Product Innovation department under the maintenance group, our objective is to support the production by doing repairs and servicing for machine and tools.

New Product Innovation

Flux Machine

Wave solder Machine

This machine comprises a flux machine and wave solder machine.

Operational test:

1) There’s a list for us to check on the gauges whether is in range of requirement.

2) Checking of solder height, if is too low we need to fill it in with solder bar.

3) Checking whether the solder wave touches the test board.

Wave Solder Machine

Future Attachment Students
Dimming Board Testing
Self discipline
Ask when in doubt
In conclusion, We would like to thank ITE for giving us this opportunity to work at Yokogawa Electric Asia, which helps us to gain experience and prepare for our future workforce life.
Always have a positive learning attitude
Language Courses
Resources must be sufficient for a smooth production
Company Introduction
Company Overview
Key Learning

For your Kind Attention
Final Process
Flux Machine- To spray a controlled amount of flux on the printed circuit board before going into the electrovert to prevent oxidation of the base and filler material.

Electrovert – Used to solder small surface mount technology (SMT) parts onto the Printed circuit board.

Given the chance to operate machines
Build interpersonal skills
Good relationship
Time management
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