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Statistics for Malt-O-Meal

Edward Rubin

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Malt-O-Meal

How Accurate Are Malt-O-Meal Cereal Labels? Are We Getting Cheated? Or Are We Getting More Than We Pay For? The Questions. But Why Does Any of This Matter? Quality Control
Profit Optimization
Customer Satisfaction
Love of All Things Cereal The Experiment. The Design: 1. Chose Three Malt-O-Meal Cereals
11. Weighed 30+ Bags of Each Cereal
111. Subtracted Packagings' Weights
1v. Analyzed Data
1. Marshmallow Mateys
11. Golden Puffs
111. Frosted Mini Spooners MM: 0.65 oz
GP: 0.70 oz
FMS: 0.55 oz

The Results: Stated Weight = 19.0 oz
α = .01
n = 33
s = 0.09842
Sample Mean = 19.0712
99% CI: (19.0241, 19.1183) Stated Weight = 18.0 oz
α = .01
n = 30
s = 0.06555
Sample Mean = 18.1173
99% CI: (18.08442, 18.1502) Stated Weight = 21.0 oz
α = .01
n = 36
s = 0.06375
Sample Mean = 21.0422
99% CI: (21.0130, 21.0714) Conclusion. Malt-O-Meal Is the Quality Cereal Outfit We Have Always Believed Them to Be... They give us more delicious cereal... Approximately One Tenth of an Ounce More Than We Pay for... Thank You, Malt-O-Meal Love,
Andy, Nate, Ed, And Cereal Aficionados Everywhere.
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