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Copy of Hero's Journey

No description

PJ Garron

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Hero's Journey

similarities Refusal of the call Catching Fire The Hobbit World of the common day The world of common day Refusal of the call At first Bilbo is denying to go on he adventure but since half of his family is the Took family, part of him also wants to go on the adventure. So at some points he is denying the adventure and other times he gets very interested in it. The call to adventure The call to adventure for Bilbo is when the wizard Gandalf comes to tell him that he needs him for the adventure that his dwarves are about to go on. They tell Bilbo that they need him as a burglar because they are trying to find treasure being held by a the dragon Smaug. There really is no world of the common day for Bilbo because there aren't any actual names for where he comes from. There areas called the Water and the Hill, other than that, there are places he goes to called Mirkwood and Wilderland. The call of adventure Refusal of the call was having Katniss drink
Selfishly trying not to think how she got put
back into the games. Crossing the First threshold Test, Allies and Enemies The Supreme Ordeal The Road Back Return with Elixir The call to adventure is the announcement of the Quarter Quell by President Snow and P.S announces that all chosen victors shall fight in the Quarter Quell. The Supreme Ordeal of Katniss's journey would have to be Peeta hitting the force field and almost dying and if had died would have Katniss's objective failed which had became the main objective of the second-half of the book. The Road Back was Katniss had learned of Peeta's capture by the capitol and this causes anxiety in Katniss thinking of terrible things the capitol or even just President Snow might do to him. Crossing the first threshold The first threshold that Bilbo has to cross passing through the Misty Mountains which is a very big mountain range. In those mountains he gets captured by goblins that take their ponies and supplies, then the goblins try to kill them, but they escape and end up fighting their way out where Bilbo gets separated and finds the ring which lets him turn invisible. Tests, Allies and Enemies Allies: Gandalf, 11 dwarves, Thorin (dwarf), Beorn, and eagles The Supreme Ordeal for Bilbo is when Gandalf leaves them before they're about to enter Mirkwood. This makes it harder for Bilbo and the dwarves because Gandalf was able to use magic and help them much more, so when he left it made Bilbo's adventure become even harder than before. The road back As Bilbo is about done with his adventure and finds out that Smaug has been killed by a man named Bard, they are interrupted by thousands of goblins that have been following them and there is a huge battle where Bilbo gets hit by a rock and knocked out and wakes up later. He then finds out that two dwarves, Fili and Kili, were killed along with Thorin. Return with Elixir The Supreme Ordeal Enemies: Goblins, Gollum, wargs, trolls, spiders, wood elves, Smaug Tests: Crossing through Misty Mountains, getting through Mirkwood safely, escaping from the wood elves, and surviving a battle By the time Bilbo gets home after almost a year because he left around spring and got back during late winter, he came back to find his home being audited and most of his furniture sold. He ended up buying all his furniture back keeping his home though, where later Gandalf and one of the other dwarves, Balin, come to visit him and they stay for a while and discuss some of the stuff that happened to them during their adventure.
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