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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Khaled Morsy

on 27 February 2013

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Budapest San
Francisco AIESEC
Session AIESEC
Experiences AIESEC was created in 1948 to alleviate tensions between cultures and rebuild the economy following World War II. History of AIESEC Peace and fulfillment of
mankind's potential AIESEC's Vision We provide young leaders with opportunities to develop their leadership skills, gain new cultural experiences, and expand their global network How do we do this? AIESEC works with a wide network of companies and organizations all over the globe
AIESEC has a database of around 10,000 internships for students to browse, and it is constantly being updated
AIESEC helps students develop themselves as leaders and young professionals
AIESEC interns interact with students from all over the world and gain new perspectives on different cultures Why choose AIESEC? Global Community Development Program Types of Internships Available Go Volunteer
Go Teach Global Internship Program Go Business
Go Technology AIESEC offers paid and volunteer internships that are available throughout the year and last between 6 weeks and 18 months. Internship Details Short term: Generally 6-8 weeks
Mostly volunteer positions
Accommodation is usually provided Global Community Development Program Go Teach:
Globe Kids Project Sample GCDP Usually long-term internships; last between 3-18 months
Mostly paid internships with salaries designed to cover cost of living for the duration of the internship
Available to candidates with competitive qualifications Global Internship Program Go Technology:
Inform GMBH Sample GIP
Location: Hungary
Duration: 6 Weeks
Requirements: Undergraduate
Job Description:
Participate in language education of pre-school children by creating educational games and leisurely activities
Includes accommodation and 3 meals per day Location: Germany
Duration: 6 months-1 year
Salary: 1,040/month
Job Description:
Working in the Aviation Division: Quality and Support Department
Handling service calls
Evaluation of log files
Analysis of interface and system states
Testing new software
Requirements: Bachelor degree, knowledge of Oracle International Student Identity Card (ISIC) Additional AIESEC Support Provides you with a basic insurance and many discounts all over the world which makes traveling safer and more enjoyable
Cost is covered by AIESEC United States AIESECers from the Local Committee In most cases, a member of the Local Committee of AIESEC in the city that you are interning in, will pick you up at the airport.
These students are usually there for you and may take you out or recommend things for you to do. NOTE: Your EP Membership is valid for one calendar year. If you do not match during this period, you will have to renew membership to continue searching / participation in AIESEC. Internship Fees COSTS Global Community Development Program:
1000 EGP Global Internship Program
1500 EGP 1. Apply to AIESEC online at www.aieseconline.net
2. Interview with a member of AIESEC DC
3. Search our database for internships
4. Apply to internships
5. Get accepted to an internship
6. Prepare to go abroad! The Process... Questions? what is ? the world's largest youth-run organization. 64 years of experience over 113 countries Over 86,000 members Over 2.400 universities Over 1,000,000 alumni more than 5.000 International internships 15.000 International Volunteer over 8.000 partners. 24.000 leadership experiences. Organizes over 500 conferences each year I am an AIESECer Countries All of you have opportunities in 113 countries all over the world INDIA CHINA BRAZIL RUSSIA TURKEY SOUTH KOREA
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