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My Own Childhood Portfolio

Hi. Hello. Goodbye! :D

Ymmat Gonzales

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of My Own Childhood Portfolio

by: Ymmat R. Gonzales My Own Childhood Portfolio Me as a child.. And this is me.....
8 to 12 years from now My physical Characteristics: Psychomotor: Me..
4 to 6 years of age Me..
from 10 to 12 years Me..
from 13 to 16 years old maputi
manipis ang buhok
has a pointed small nose
mahaba ang nguso Emotional characteristics: doesn't cry when picked up
makes cooing sounds
smiles and makes sounds when held as a response Cognitive/Language: repeats behaviors that produce an interesting result
easily distracted by sounds
stops crying when the mother's voice is heard
listens attentively when someone is speaking Psychomotor: gets random things
plays with anyone
loves watching television Psychomotor: able to walk without support but clumsily
can finger feed
can dance
can crawl, climb and squat 1 year old Me..
from 1 to 3 years of age Psychomotor: is able to make 2 to 3 steps without support
can dance
can squat, climb and crawl 1 year old Cognitive/Language: loves to repeat actions that make things happen: turns light switches on and off, opens and closes doors
can understand simple commands
can name in general Emotional/Social: does not tantrum
approaches people
shows affection 2 years old Psychomotor: Cognitive/Language: Emotional/Social: can go up and down the stairs
can kick a ball
tries using the spoon and fork can utter 2-word phrases
can point to things
knows the basic body parts
can recognize self in mirror or in photos plays with other toddlers without any interaction (parallel play) 3 years old Psychomotor: Cognitive/Language: Emotional/Social: can run and jump, throws and catches a ball
avoids obstacles can understand well
is able to write letters and read short words
can interact with anyone can comfort obviously sad friends
shows great attachment to parents
prefers playing with anyone on the same age level Cognitive/Language: Emotional/Social: is able to accomplish commands with or without help from adults can name specifically
can write letters in the correct manner
can count from 1 to 100
can describe and differentiate objects intentionally annoys parents
gets envy on others' toys and things Cognitive/Language: Me..
from 7 to 9 years Psychomotor: Emotional/Social: Cognitive/Language: can ride a bicycle with training wheels
can write using pencils
can write in cursive
able to do simple physical activities more associative and cooperative
had my nervous habit of nail biting
displays less physical aggression
involves more in pro social interactions became more active in school activities (eg. tulaan, quiz bees, etc.)
is able to read
is able to reflect and analyze on natural occurrences
enjoys learning and acquiring new knowledge Psychomotor: I am capable already of doing any physical activity Emotional/Social: sensitive enough for own self and others'
becomes attracted to the opposite sex
wants to spend more time with friends than with family Cognitive/Language: is able to think deeper regarding different issues that either concerns own self or other people and even the whole community Me.. (now)
after 17th year of existence Cognitive/Language: can deal with more abstract concepts
develops definite ideas and attitudes
thinks more about body image
does research to clear confusions to concepts Emotional/Social: focuses on establishing goals and place in peer groups
begins having sexually explicit conversations with peers
engages in sexual innuendo, flirting and courtships
hangouts are becoming important Cognitive/Language: likes to discuss and debate
most interested in politics and in being a leader
begins to think about the world as it might be, not just the way it is
can think systematically about possible solutions to a problem (scientific reasoning) Emotional/Social: seeks independence from parents
involves in a wider range of activities inside and outside school
have deeper feelings with attracting individuals Concepts Autonomy vs.
Shame & Doubt - I developed a sense of control over personal abilities and independence. Oral Stage - Loves sucking fingers, and putting anything in my mouth Stage 1: Punishment-Obedience Orientation - I hate being punished that's why I always obey my parents and the elders Punishment - My parents punish me whenever I lie and disobey Concepts Initiative vs. Guilt - I am starting to act as a grown up and I accept responsibilities such as studies and chores, etc. Stage 2: Instrumental Relativist Orientation - Cost benefit; I do something for others and in return they do something for me too. Anal stage - I attentively participate and listen when my parents put emphasis on toilet training. Concepts Piaget's Cognitive Developmental Theory: During these years, I learn to think better and deeper than what is given. Industry vs. Inferiority I compete with my classmates in terms of academics and friends. Concepts Negative Reinforcements: At this age, my parents seldom punish me, they just apply negative enforcements to me so that I would recognize my mistakes and learn from it. Scaffolding: School works and activities are getting harder and harder that's why my parents, especially my mom, helps me in my projects so I could produce better results and get higher grades. Law and order orientation: I desire to be liked and I am loyal and active in my group or peers. Concepts Identity vs. Role Confusion I do my best to build my own personal identity. Intimacy vs. Isolation I form an intimate loving and caring relation with other people especially to the opposite sex. Concepts Social Contract Orientation At my current age, I am concern with every law. And for me, whoever does not follow it should be punished. Identity vs. Role Confusion I do my best to build my own personal identity. Intimacy vs. Isolation I do my best to establish intimate loving relationship with people. Infancy and toddler hood Early and Middle Childhood Adolescence We are 4 in the family by the time I was born. My parents manage our xerox business at that time. My mom always go to the doctor to make sure I am healthy and normal. As a baby, my parents told me that I am very healthy and I seldom cry. My parents are with me most of the time. They never let the yaya take care of me. As a toddler, my parents involve me in every school activity for my age so that I can be exposed and also so I can learn. I started talking when I was about 2 years old. My first memory of childhood is when my mother is walking me to school and she's giving me advises on how to have friends on my first day. I enjoy almost every game we do especially physical activities. My first memory of preschool is the first day of school. I was so excited and happy. My friends were my neighbors namely Uding, Dexter, Jeffrey, and Carlo. As a preschooler I am a very active student. As a matter of fact,during our recognition day I got the award "Pinaka-aktibong Bata" award and "First honor" award. My elementary days were great. Every year, I transfer school, most students would find it as an agony but for me it was the best thing that my parents did, because it taught me many things and had me gain many friends. All of my schools were big and spacious. For a child like me back then, it was perfect as both a playground and educational institution. I love all of my academical subjects, especially Mathematics. I was never bullied, though I had a couple of enemies. I was always voted as a class officer. I was a consistent honor. I consider my high school years as the best memory of my life. Our school is private non-sectarian. It is a member of many association in our area. I have a lot of peers from different levels and sections. But my best friends are Geraldine Gasataya and Kimberly Dela Cruz. Math, PE, and Science were my favorite subjects. I do not have subjects which I hate, I only base them according to the teacher. I am an officer and also a member of our school's Sports club, Science and Math club, and Marian Gleamers (journalism club). I am always a quiz bee participant and I compete in Sports competitions inside and outside of school as a chess player. I was never rebellious. I always go to church with my mother. Right now, I am still adapting to College life. Me.. 1.How would you rate yourself so far?

a.What are your strengths/weaknesses you have acquired throughout the years?

b.What good and bad habits have you acquired?

c.Do you think you have developed holistically?

2.What do you see as the three (3) most important events that happened in your life?

3.How do you see yourself five (5) years from now? Ten (10) years from now?

4.What is your main goal at present?

5.What three (3) specific goals do you have for yourself to improve your (future) development? Final evaluation: Strengths: Self-confidence, Socialization skills, Family & Friends.
Weaknesses: Family problems, Shyness. Good habits: Good Study Habits, Self-control, Focus.
Bad Habits: Laziness. Yes. My parents raised me holistically and the schools where I have studies also molded and helped me develop holistically. 1. The day I was born.
2. When I passed entrance exam in DLSU and when I was granted a 100% scholarship.
3. Whenever our family is complete and when we travel to different places to have some adventure. 5 years from now, I see myself working as a Math professor in a big university and I am sort of stable already. 10 years from now, I see myself as a stable woman. I am already living my dream life and I already have my own family, and I couldn't ask for more because I have achieved so much already. At present, my goal is to just finish my studies with flying colors and have a stable job after. 1. Be politically inclined.
2. Be more active in many associations inside and outside DLSU.
3. Be involved and exposed more in a wider environment. 7. Because I am not yet contented with myself now. I believe I can do more and better. MY PICTURES :) Ymmat R. Gonzales "You only live once. But if you live it right, once is enough." (c) Mae West
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