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Percy Jackson "The Lightning Thief"

No description

Desiree Clepper

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of Percy Jackson "The Lightning Thief"

Percy Jackson "The Lightning Thief"
Plot Map by Chapter
Thank you!
Chapter 3
Percy abandons Grover at the bus terminal because Grover is freaking him out.
We meet Gabe Ugliano (Percy's smelly step-dad) who is rude, lazy, bossy, and doesn't seem to like Percy much.
We meet Sally Jackson (Percy's sweet mom) who wants to know everything about Percy's last stint at boarding school.
Percy decides not to tell her the crazy stuff.
Mother and son take a weekend trip to Montauk Beach, and Sally talks about her summer romance with Percy's father.
Then, Grover (wearing no pants as a satyr) comes knocking with bad news, so they all dive into the car.
Chapter 4
As Sally speeds down a dark road through a major storm and Grover admits that Mrs. Dodds was real and myths are not actually fake, Percy is very confused.
Suddenly, Gabe's treasured Camaro is blown into a ditch by a lightning bolt.
Then, just as sudden, Percy finds that a monster is chasing is chasing them. Percy is the target, but he dodges the giant creature on its first charge.
The monster turns toward Sally and grabs her, choking her until she splinters into a golden powder in the air.
Blinded my anger, the protagonist wrestles the monster, rides it, and manages to yank off a horn and stab it. The monster also disintegrates into a golden dust.
Percy carries Grover to a nearby farm a passes out.
Chapter 5
Percy is nursed back to health by a pretty girl and wakes up at "Camp Half-Blood" feeling sad about his mom. Grover gifts him the "Minotaur" monster's horn he used as a weapon.
Grover leads him over to a card game where Percy meets Chiron (half man and half horse, formerly known as Mr. Brunner the Latin teacher), Mr. D (The god Dionysus who is grumpy and displeased at being a director at the camp), and Annabeth (we don't learn much about her yet)
Chiron informs Percy that Greek Gods and Goddesses are real and Mount Olympus is even in America!
Percy is assigned to Cabin 11because no one knows who he is yet
Who is Mrs Dodds anyways?????
Percy's grades drop to Ds and Fs, but he still cares about Latin class because his teacher, Mr. Brunner, holds him to high expectations.
Grover is talking about Percy behind his back to Mr. Brunner.
Then, as Grover and Percy leave Yancy Academy for good, their bus breaks down.
Three old ladies stare down Percy while knitting socks. They snip a piece of yarn, and this freaks Grover out! Grover is acting odd.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
(9) I Am Offered a Quest
The setting of Camp Half-Blood is described as beautiful and surrounded by strawberry fields and forests. Training facilities and a giant columned eating area impress Percy. Campers are assigned to cabins according to their "infamous" lineage. The cabins of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hera are empty. Percy's assigned to the Hermes (god of traveling thieves) cabin, which includes some rough looking campers.
Annabeth leads Percy's tour of the grounds. Then, interrupter Clarisse (an obnoxious daughter of Ares) attempts to assist in a ritualistic dunking of Percy into the toilet. However, Percy's powers put pressure on the water pipes and they spray out water, knocking down all in the way (Ha! Clarisse gets slammed).
The whole water episode has Annabeth wondering about the new kid, and she wants him on her team
Chapter 7

(8) We Capture a Flag
Chapter 8
Percy is getting used to the daily routine of sword fight practice, rowing, and learning more about Greek mythology. Luke (leader of cabin Hermes) informs Percy that the Big Three gods promised not to create any more children after World War II (Did anyone else catch that it insinuates Hitler was a son of Hades?) because they too powerful. Clearly, Poseidon did not uphold his promise. Just as Percy is getting interested in questing, it's time for a game.
Percy, Luke, Annabeth, and others makeup the red team while Clarisse and the rough Ares crowd are on the blue team for a serious game of Capture the Flag.
Clarisse goes straight for Percy (payback of an electric spear) but Percy is soon energized by the creek water and takes her down.
Luke has the flag and Percy is miraculously healed by the water, but no one has time to notice because of a hell hound the size of a rhinoceros fast approaching Percy.
Chiron's archery skills are successful in taking out the monster, and all the camp is astonished as Percy is again healed from bloody wounds and declared by a sign of the trident that he is Poseidon's son.
(7) My Dinner Goes Up in Smoke
Percy is overwhelmed by all the craziness going on and wants to go home. Annabeth has to be bunt and tell him that Camp Half-Blood IS his home now. She blows his mind by saying, "Your father isn't dead, Percy. He's one of the Olympians"
Annabeth confesses that she is Athena's daughter who stays at the camp all year for the past 5 years. Depending on who the half-blood's celestial parent is, some campers can go home during the year. However, if the camper's lineage trees to a strong god, they will be constantly hunted by monsters and must remain at camp, unless they get permission to go on a quest. . ..
What? Did she say a quest? Annabeth really wants to go on a quest.
Then, all campers have dinner around the fire, offer food to the gods, and Percy hopes he will know his father soon.
(5) I Play Pinochle with a Horse
(6) I become Supreme Lord of the Bathroom
(4) My Mother Teaches Me Bullfighting
(3) Grover Unexpectedly Loses His Pants
(2) Three Old Ladies Knit the Socks of Death
12 year old Percy Jackson (the narrator) warns us the book is a dangerous read.
We get to know that Percy is a troubled kid who now attends a school for the behaviorally challenged.
During a field trip Ms. Dodds, Percy's Algebra teacher, tries to kill him in the form of a monster, but Percy takes her down with Mr. Brunner's ballpoint pen/sword.
No one at the school remembers that there ever was a "Ms. Dodds".
(1) I Accidentally Vaporize My Teacher
(10) I Ruin a Perfectly Good Bus
Chapter 9
Percy is moved to Cabin 3 (He is the only child of Poseidon and feels lonely) Luke takes over his one on one tutoring in sword fighting. Percy has dreams foreshadowing a disagreement between gods
In the midst a of brewing storm, Chiron explains to Percy that Zeus and Poseidon are fighting over a missing "Lightning Bolt" (just a major sign of power) and Percy has been accused of stealing it. Chiron wants Percy to accept a quest to retrieve the bolt, but first he has to go see the Oracle.
The Oracle (this talking mummy who foresees Percy's future and gives him a glimpse of it) says: "You shall go west, and face the god who has turned" and "You shall find what was stolen, and see it safely returned" and "You shall be betrayed by one who calls you a friend" and "You shall fail to save what matters most, in the end"
Percy is confused about the fortune teller and does not reveal all to Chiron when he asks what the Oracle said.
Chiron says that the World needs Percy to go to Hades (in Los Angelos), retrieve the Lightning bolt, and return it to Mt. Olympus (Empire State Building in New York) before the Summer Solstice. Other wise World War III may begin.
Percy, Annabeth, and Grover head for LA.
Chapter 10
The trio's pack for their adventure includes a magical cap that makes Annabeth invisible, a ball point pen that transforms to sword for Percy, and some flying shoes (thanks to Luke).
As soon as they board a greyhound bus, the trouble begins when three old ladies (one identical to old Mrs. Dodds) get on and give Percy the stare down.
When the bus begins to zoom down a highway, the hags head toward Percy, who hides under the invisible cap and disappears while Grover and Annabeth take on the decrepits.
Percy sneaks up front and puts on the bus brakes. He then helps his friends defeat the "Furies".
The bus explodes and the half-bloods and satyr head for the woods.
Rising Action
Complicating Incident
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