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Flower of Needs

Find the universal needs behind what happens

Hugo Roele

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of Flower of Needs

What we like to get from our parents ...
our friends ...
our colleagues ...

and many others. Because sometimes we want to be I ...
Individual ...

when we are with others or on our own. Because we want our
life and the things
we do to be
and have quality. Because sometimes we don't want to think, but ... laugh ...
play ...
celebrate ...

and mourning is part of celebrating life too. We feel good when all needs are fulfilled in balance Physical needs The things our body needs Paradoxes When it seems that needs can only be fulfilled at the expense of other needs. Paradox 1 can you still get love, harmony, attention, appreciation and be part of a group ... … when you make your own choices? … when you are you? … when you are different? Paradox 2 Can structure, order, quality, meaning and seriousness ... ... go together with joy and play? ... go together with ease / easily? Can you enjoy and relax when you haven’t reached all goals? Flower of Needs Words to describe what people really want. developed by Hugo A. Roele
author of the Book of Needs
co-founder of Kommunikasie.org
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