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A basic overview and detailed specifics.

Kate Thompson

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of PTSD

Signs and Symptoms Causes What does PTSD "look" like? Questions? "Once you've done this, gotten to this point, it's OK to have PTSD...everybody goes through their own thing out here."
-Sgt Ryan Ahern
Army 101st Airborne - Iraq
Speaking about his experience with PTSD Personal Vs. Secondary
Child Abuse
Soldier Warfare
Natural Disaster
Serious Accident Eye Witness
"Friend of a Friend"
Fictional Witness? Comorbidity and Predisposition DSM-IV-TR Avoidance of Triggers
Flashbacks (waking and sleeping)
Emotional Numbness
Heightened Arousal Additionally Depression
Suicidal/Self Harm Tendencies PTSD in Children 1987
Often misdiagnosed early on

Lack coping strategies of adults
Highest risk (Feather and Ronan, 2006) symptoms of PTSD Diagnostic Criteria Hippocampal Size
Prefrontal Cortex

Suppressed Emotional Reactions Overactivity Trauma Focused - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Focuses on skill development
"Golden Standard" for kids
Use of age specific surveys Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Visualization
Saccade like movements
Changes in cognitive process
Cessation of intrustive thoughts Appearance Continued Protein Kinase M Zeta
Memory Consolidation
Sleep Exposure
Classical Conditioning Fear response New Development! Use of opiates such as Morphine
The sedation and reinforcement effects
Secondary prevention technique
Similar effect as antianxiety medications Sources 5HT Gene
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