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What does SAVOIR do?

Alison Peek

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of 6 HSVO

What does SAVOIR do? SAVOIR is an infrastructure middleware which provides coordination and communication services for devices that need to connect with each other. The system allows for simultaneous usage of one or more devices communicating with each other and each communication scenario is called a session. SAVOIR is typically used in a three tier system Level 1 is responsible for establishing the physical connections between all the devices that are required for a session
Level 1 Lightpath Level 11 SAVOIR SAVOIR itself enables the coordinated flow of information between the devices LEVEL 111 Edge Devices This contains the edge devices which can provide a wide range of functionality How do Edge Devices talk to SAVOIR The Bus Interface is a middleware connector between devices and SAVOIR Two types of messaging occurs. When an edge device sends a message to SAVOIR The bus interface receives the message then translates between the device-specific controls and generic SAVOIR messages. The bus interface then sends a generic message to SAVOIR An edge device which includes a bus interface is called an edge service edge service How does SAVOIR communicate to an edge device? The main components of the SAVOIR implementation are an Enterprise Bus and a series of managers to control and coordinate the information flow When a message is sent to a device The series of managers determine the generic message to be sent The enterprise service bus routes the message to the correct edge service The Bus interface receives the message then translates between the generic SAVOIR messages and device-specific controls For more information on SAVOIR see the SAVOIR overview document on the HSVO website
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