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Natural vs Agricultural Ecosystems

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Beth Clayton

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Natural vs Agricultural Ecosystems

Natural vs Agricultural Ecosystems
Natural vs Agricultural Ecosystems
The advantages/disadvantages of using natural and agricultual ecosystems and how they can effect the efficiency of the products
Due to the lack of energy given to the natural ecosystem, the artificial ecosystem does tend to get a higher net productivity of products, because they are given more energy via fertilisers containing nitrates etc. So therefore a farm would be a more efficient ecosystem as opposed to a forest.
Thank you for listening
A natural ecosystem is a biological environment that is formed naturally (eg- a forest or a lake), containing both biotic and abiotic components.
What is a natural ecosystem?
An agricultural ecosystem is an ecosystem that has been artificially modified by humans to suit their specific needs. (eg- a farm, or a greenhouse)
What is an agricultural ecosystem?
Advantages/Disadvantages of natural ecosystems
There will be more species diversity due to a natural climax community of organisms.
As there is no artificial selection, there is more genetic diversity within organisms.
The energy supplied is based solely on solar energy, so the net productivity is lowered.
Advantages/Disadvantages of an artificial ecosystem
There is a higher energy input (eg- fertilisers) so the net productivity will be higher.
The artificial selection will ensure that advantageous alleles will be included.
There is less species diversity due to pesticides and herbicides
There is less genetic diversity due to artificial selection
Which is the most efficient ecosystem?
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