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Mobisol - a green inclusive business

CSR Conference Berlin 2012

Klara Lindner

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Mobisol - a green inclusive business

10 months of customer experience with 200 systems installed in an offgrid area (1 default) To test:
1) Scalability of system installation The world at night 1.6 billion people off the grid
rely on fossil fuels instead
--> unhealthy, harmful to environment & very costly The alternative: Solar PV 2 Bottlenecks:
investment costs
costly maintenance in rural areas developed own hardware & software Achievements established local service partners USP: after-sales support
cost-effective at a commercial stage Business Model: A product-service offer the Mobisol plug&
play service hub How do we accomplish it? Mobisol
Controller Remote Monitoring Mobile
Transactions financial streams technical performance customer interface accounting automatically
non-payment ->system lock system performance tracking
maintenance facilitation
theft protection sending notifications, pieces of advise, incentives automatically Für später: Solar Home System 2) System distribution providing a product AND 3 years of financial and
after-sales services hardware development marketing programming sales business modelling See it again? Kakute SCODE system pricing: US$12 - US$45/month
profit margin / system: av. 30%
break-even in: Q2 2016 And - we foster productive uses: finance service: cost spread over 36 months, paid via phone
technical service: 3 years free maintenace & repair
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