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Introducing The Daily 5: Differentiated Instruction for Language Arts

OL-5044 Final Project: Visual Presentation for Introducing the Daily 5 concepts to a school environment

4h20 Student

on 30 December 2011

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Transcript of Introducing The Daily 5: Differentiated Instruction for Language Arts

? THE DAILY 5 Presentation by
• Steve Hodgson
OL- 5044 The Daily 5 Basics:
• Read to Self
• Read to Someone
• Listen to Reading
• Work on Writing
• Spelling/Word Work Read To Self Read To Someone listen to reading Work on Writing spelling/word work STAMINA! Day 2: Model & Practice How Partners Read Day 3: How to Choose Books

Review Day 1 & 2
"Let's Make a Deal"
Add Ideas to the Chart/Model Day 4: Choosing Your Own Classroom Spot
Review Day 1, 2, 3
"Let's Make a Deal
Add Ideas to Chart then Model Day 5: How to Choose a Partner

Review I-Chart
Choosing a Partner
Tone of Voice
Practice Process Day 6: Coaching or Time?

Review I-Chart
Who is a Coach?
When is a Coach Needed?
How to Coach?
Practice by Modeling
Build Strategy to Build Coaching Sheet Day 1: EEKK, Voice, Check

Qualities of Voice
Check for Understanding
I-Chart, Modeling, Practice, Check-in Review Day 1
Used for Improving Fluency
Both read the same book
Read two different books
Practice/Review ... Repeat Use as Appropriate:
Primary grades
Upper elementary
- Read Alouds
- Curriculum CDs on Promethean FOCUS LESSONS
Whole group
Individuals/Small Group
- At-Risk
- Computers
- IMC Day 1

Brainstorm Behaviors & I-Chart
Model & Practice Set Up
Model & Practice: Listening & Following Along Day 2

Model & Practice Putting Away Day 3 +
Practice The Daily 5:
Designed by "The Sisters"
Gail Boushey
Joan Moser Keys to making Daily 5 Work:
Set Purpose ... then
Model, Practice
Model, Practice
Model, Practice .... etc. STAMINA! For More Information:
"The Daily 5" and "The CAFE Book" by Gail Boushey & Joan Moser (aka 'the sisters')

'the sisters' ... website: www.the2sisters.com Key: "Work on writing that really
matters to them." "The Daily 5", p.80 What is it?

Students choose type and subject
Individually or with partner
Separate from Writer's Workshop
Sustained writing for entire time
Day 1: Introduction
Model Unknown Spelling
Brainstorm I-Chart Day 2: Seating & Writing

Brainstorm/Practice Where to Sit
Brainstorm/Practice Materials to Use Day 3: What to Write About

Post Lists Day 4+: Forms & Traits

Teach Based on District Curriculum
Students may choose to work on items
from Writer's Workshop Build Stamina!

Increase time daily
Goal: 30- 45 mins ... Nonstop!
What is included in Word Work?

Learning/Practicing Spelling
Memorizing High Frequency Words
General Spelling Patterns
Developing knowledge/curiosity of robust vocabulary Purpose: Become better Readers, Writers, and Spellers
"We care about our writing and the people who read it" Day 1: Materials Set Up
I-Chart ~ How to Set Up
Model Set Up
I-Chart ~ Clean Up
Model Clean Up Day 2: Using Materials
Model/Practice Set-Up/Clean Up
I-Chart ~ How to Use Materials
Model/Practice Material Use
Build Stamina of Using Materials Other Focus Lessons:
Word Sorts
Adding Words to Collection
Words that fit Pattern/Strategy
Practicing Often Misspelled Words

Goal: Independent work for 30 – 45 mins Start out slowly...

To build ... First Step in Daily Five
Building staminia in reading is key Self-selection is important
Students will finish books they pick themselves
Students will read at a higher level if they are interested in the subject Selection Techniques I–PICK
I choose a book
Know the words

Five Finger test Younger students who aren't reading:
Read pictures
Retell story
Read some words
Older students:
Read book of choice at own level
Work on comprehension Create norms for students:
Read the whole time
Stay in one spot
Read quietly
Get started right away
Select good fit books Create norms for teacher
Help students with reading
Work 1:1 or small groups
Listen to students read Resources: People and Materials Not New Curriculum:
10 days
Start slow to build ... Find spot quickly
Decide who goes first
Read whole time
Soft voices
Check for understanding
Choose good spot
Stay in place
Help students
Time to Implement:
6 days
Adjust Time to Implement?
Depends ...
Less than a week Build in Motivation:
"We care about our writing
and the people who read it." Time to Implement:
Initially ~ about a week or two
Takes time to build stamina
Can run parallel with Read to Self
once it is established
Ongoing with new options Time to Implement:
Students know process
3 or so days per activity Who?
Need buy-in from team ...
Principal already in favor
District already on board ... other schools already implementing Daily 5
Already have most material available in current curriculum and library
Chart paper and markers for I-Charts
Book bins for each student
Writing folders for each student
Patience ... it will take time but it's worth it!
Time to Implement:
Materials in Place:
Read to Self:
Read to Someone:
Listen to Reading:
Work on Writing:
Spelling/Word Work:
TOTAL 10 to 15 days
10 days
7 days
3-4 days*
10-15 days**
3-5 days***
7 to 8 weeks * Can be done in lieu of read to self/read to someone based on need
** Start after 5-7 days of Read to Self
*** Initial time ... figure 2-3 days for new activities

How do we communicate?
Share our decision to move ahead with Admin
Share at Staff meeting during next early release day
Send letter (English & Spanish) to parents
Communicate updates in class news letters How do we assess? Measuring Standards
5 Basic Elements ... Daily feedback/debrief with students
Observation: Are students following I-Chart process?
Are we able to interact with students without interruption?
MAPS and CBM testing: are students improving?
Individual charting of student progress Cost?
Some materials to buy
Students working Independently?
Priceless! Day 1: Introduce 2 Ways to Read a Book, Muscle Memory,
I-Chart, model, practice (multiple times) - Build Stamina!
Day 2: Discuss Retelling (3rd way to read a book), Review, Practice
Day 3: Review, Model/Practice where to sit
Day 4-5: Keep reviewing, building stamina Day 6: Picking good-fit Books (I-PICK),
practice, build stamina
Days 7-10: Continue buidling stamina,
review, adjusting Is It Worth It?
PLC development
Same language of learning
VERY measurement based (District & Parents will like that!)
Dovetails with current materials ... not brand new program
Flexible for new curriculum & students
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