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The Romanov Family

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Erin McMahon

on 26 July 2014

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Transcript of The Romanov Family

The House of Romanov
Alexis was born on March 29, 1629 in Moscow. He became Tsar. of Russia in 1645 and reigned during the Russian Invasion of Poland and Sweden, the Cossack revolt of Stenka Razin, and the Raskol Schism in the Russian Orthodox Church. His first wife was Maria Miloslawskaja, whom he was married to for 21 years. Out of their four sons two died within six months. After Maria died he married Nataliya Naryshkina and they had three children. Alexis died in 1676.
Alexis I (1645-1676)
Theodore III (1676-1682)
Theodore was born on March 29 1629. He never married and had no children. He was only 15 years old when he took to the thrown unlike his father (Alexis I) who was 16. Theodore had very poor health and he was only 15. This played a major role in keeping him from participating in the government affair's conduct. Theodore died in 1682.
Ivan V (1682-1689)
Ivan was born on August 27, 1666. Like his brother, (Fjodor III) he had extremely poor health and carried many different illnesses. When Peter I began his rule as tsar. rumors broke out that the Naryshkin family had murdered Ivan. To prove these rumors wrong, Ivan and Peter began to co-rule Russia. Ivan married Praskovia Saltykova. Together they had five daughters two of which survived, Katharina and Anna. Two years after Ivan was paralyzed, he passed away, leaving Peter I as tsar.
Michail I (1613-1645)
Peter I "the Great" (1682-1725)
Born June 9, 1672, Peter is known for his amazing attempt to secure Russia as an established nation. He had strong control over the Orthodox church, schools, and has a stable Navy. Peter and his brother Ivan ruled Russia together. He married Eudoxia Lopukhina as his first wife, together they had his first son, Alexis. He then married Martha Shavronska otherwise known as Catherine I. Together they had Anna and Elizabeth. Peter died on February 8, 1725.
Catherine I (1725-1727)
Peter II (1727-1730)
Anna (1730-1740)
Elizabeth (1741-1762)
Peter III (1762)
Ivan VI (1740-1741)
Catherine II "the Great" (1762-1796)
Paul I (1796-1801)
Alexander I (1801-1825)
Nicholas I (1825-1855)
Alexander II "the Liberator" (1855-1881)
Alexander III (1881-1894)
Nicholas II (1894-1917)
Unlike all of his family members before him, Peter was born in St. Petersburg instead of Moscow on October 23, 1715. He was chosen as the next heir to the throne by Catherine I. During his reign the court was moved back to Moscow from St. Petersburg. At the time this was hard on the new capital. Peter fell in love with Ekaterina Dolgorukova and they were to be married on January 19, 1730. Sadly Peter died that day of smallpox.
Anna was born January 28, 1693. In 1710 she and Fredrick William (Duke of Courland) got married. Only two months after they were married Fredrick became ill and died. In 1726 Anna had an affair with Ernst von Joham Buhren also known as "Biron". Anna's reign wasn't really supposed to happen. Peter I's first son Alexis was next in line for the thrown, until he was executed, by Peter. Alexis's son, Peter II reigned for 3 years until he passed away. During Anna's reign the Privy Council and their conditions were conquered by Anna and a party of her friends. On October 17, 1740 she dies because of kidney failure.
Born August 12, 1740, Ivan was Anna Leopoldovna's son (niece of Anna Ionnova, Empress of Russia). Ionnova had elected Ivan VI as the new tsar. to cut off power from the Peter I side of the family. Ivan's mother elected herself as regent, but was conquered by Elizabeth, thus giving power back to the Peter I side of the Romanov's. Elizabeth had Ivan VI and his family arrested. As Ivan got older he recognized that he was tsar. of Russia. Peter III wanted to release Ivan from prison, but he was overthrown by Catherine II, his wife. Ivan was murdered in 1764 as instructed by Catherine, if anyone tried to him from prison.
Daughter of Peter I "the Great", Elizabeth was born December 19, 1709. Much like her father she built up a strong army. This powerful army was utilized to fight and conquer Frederick II and Prussia. Frederick was known to be one of the greatest fighters in Europe. This took place during the Seven Years War. The day Frederick was going to sign a peace treaty to Russia, Elizabeth had passed away. She was the final true blooded Romanov to rule Russia.
Unlike the rest of the Romanov's Catherine was born in Germany, rather than Russia. She was also born unto the name Sophia Augusta. Catherine married Peter III, both were not fond of each other at all. Later in their marriage, Peter began having an affair with someone else. Because of this no one really knows if their "son" Paul is actually theirs. When Peter was chosen as emperor after Elizabeth died, Catherine was told to leave since Peter was going to divorce her. Catherine ignored this and took over the throne. From there she worked on creating a better educational system. Also, after two years she decided on a peace treaty with Turkey. This treaty let Russians sail through the Black Sea and the Dardanelles. On November 6 1796 Catherine died due to a stroke.
Paul was born September 20, 1754. No one really knows for sure if he is son of Catherine II "the Great" and Peter III. The other possible father is Serge Saltykov, whom Catherine fell in love with after Peter III died. On September 26, 1776 Paul married Maria Feodorovna, they had seven kids. When Paul began his reign he made it law that all male family members have priority towards the the throne before the females. He created this law after he found out his mother wanted to murder him as a child. Paul was very strict when it came to his army, and was seriously against the French Revolution. Paul was murdered in 1801 at 46 years old.
Alexander was born December 23, 1777 in Saint Petersburg, Russia like his father Paul. Alexander was the first of many things. He was the first Russian Grand Duke of Lithuania and Finland, the first Russian King of Poland, and he was his father's first son and the first Alexander of the family. Alexander signed a peace treaty with Napoleon. This created peace between Russia and France for a little while until the nations began to oppose each other again. Alexander and the Russian army conquered the French army and exiled them from Russia. This is his greatest victory. Before Alexander died he didn't designate a new ruler from his children so his brother Nicholas I took to the throne.
Son of Nicholas I, Alexander II was born April 29 1818. He began his reign during the Crimean war and known as "Alexander the Liberator". He was given this title after he set all the serfs in Russia free. This is his greatest accomplishment and it is known as the emancipation of serfs. He married Maria Alexandrovna and they had seven children. On March 13, 1881 Alexander was assassinated by members of the Narodnaya Volya, who bombed Saint Petersburg.
Alexander III was born February 26, 1845. He took to the throne when Russia was being terrorized. For his work in keeping his nation safe and secured he was given the title "Alexander the Peacemaker". Unlike his father he was very careful when it came to giving help to foreign countries. He worked on keeping a powerful army. When Alexander died in a train crash in 1888 Russia was devastated. The citizens loved him and his great work ruling the country.
Nicholas II was born May 18, 1868. He married Alexandra Feodorovna, together they had five children. Nicholas was the last emperor of Russia. During his reign Japan defeated Russia, this of which was an embarrassment to the great nation. After Nicholas approved his army and their preparation Russia joined in WWI. On July 17 1918 the Romanov Family (Nicholas II, Alexandra, Olga, Maria, Anastasia, Alexei, and Tatiana) were murdered at Vladmire Lenin's request. This was to keep them from accessing anti- communist forces during the Russian Civil War.
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