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The Breadwinner Timeline

No description

DeAndre Vernon

on 26 December 2013

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Transcript of The Breadwinner Timeline

The Breadwinner Timeline
Chapter 1:Events 1 & 2
Parvana lives in Afghanistan under strict Taliban rule. She lives in a one room apartment with her father, mother, two sisters and baby brother. Under the Taliban rule, women are not allowed to leave their homes without a male escort.
Event 2
There are boys running around to sell tea in the market, and the market is very busy. When Parvana tells her dad that she could do that, her father says that he’ll rather look at her running around in the schoolyard. However, since the Taliban militia is ruling Afghanistan, girls can't go to school.
Chapter 2: Events 3 & 4
Parvana has to go fill a water tank for her family everyday, and she hates this chore. She is jealous of how Nooria and the others didn't have to fill the water bucket.Because of the bombings, their family lost all their furnitures, and the house was very small.
Event 4
Father told the story of Malali who led a army to victory. He explains how the young girl was courageous, and that all Afghanistan women are brave. Suddenly, the Talibans come in and capture their father. They yell that they didn't need foreign ideas, and they took him away.
Chapter 3: Events 5 & 6
After the Talibans leave, mother, Nooria, Parvana, Maryam cleans up the house. Parvana can't go to sleep that day because she doesn't hear the normal snores of her father and is worried about him.
Event 6
The next morning, they stop acting like they were sleeping and gets ready for breakfast. Then, mother tells Parvana that they were going to take father out of jail.When they arrive, Parvana's legs and feet are sore and she is scared. The guards attacked Parvana and mother. They eventually fled.
Chapter 4: Events 7 & 8
When Parvana and her mother gets back home from the prison, their feet are bloody and torn up. Mother's feet are worse. It was covered with blisters that were already broken, and they are almost raw. Since it was a long time since her mother has been outside, they think it was worse. They barely get into the room. Nooria tries to help, but mother just waves her away. Mother lies down on the place that father was napping a day before and cries for a long time.
Event 7
That night, Parvana has a dream that she was screaming and the soldiers are hitting her when she was trying to save her father. Nooria helps Parvana up, but mother doesn't wake up. The next day, mother still doesn't wake up. The room begins to smell and on the fourth day, food runs out. Parvana tries to wake mother up, but after some shaking, Nooria stopped her and told Parvana to go buy some food. Even though Parvana's feet are still sore, she asked what to buy.
Event 8
Without father, it is weird for Parvana to be in the marketplace. Since women aren't allowed go into shop, she has to stand outside. She gets some bread, and finds a Talib glaring at her. When the Talib starts hitting her, she yells to stop hitting her and makes the Taliban shock.
Chapter 5: Events 9 & 10
Event 9
Parvana starts to run when the Taliban hit her more and she accidentally bumps into a woman carrying a child, and notices that it was Mrs. Weera. Mrs. Weera follows Parvana home and gets the rest of the family to do work. Parvana got buckets full of water, and when Parvana tries to drink, Nooria scolds her for not trying to boil it first
Event 10
Chapter 6: Events 11 &12
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