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Cultural Resume- Russia

No description


on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Cultural Resume- Russia

Russia Cory Powers
Intercultural Communications
4/22/10 The Russian flag is made up of
three horizontal bars. Starting from
top the colors are white, blue, and red. In 1705 Peter the great declared that all Russian ships were to have the flag hoisted in the air. Peter the Great drew the
flag himself. The red bar meant great power The blue bar signified the Virgin
Mary was standing gaurd over
Russia the white bar stood for peace in the land The coat of arms is
a two headed eagle
perched on a red sheild The coat of arms first
appeared in 1497 and
was meant to unite with
the Moscow Coat of Arms there are many odd
superstitions in russia Russian Mothers do not
typically show their baby
to anyone for one month
after birth except for the
midwife When someone leaves the country, no one is to clean their room until they return On examination
day it is bad luck
to wash, wear
something new or
cut your finger nails Alcoholic Traditions once you stat to drink,
you cannot stop until
everything is gone One shouldnt take a long
break between the first and
second shot It is not allowed to pour
a glass while hoisted in the air the good Russia is a very beautifull land
the russian people
are always willing
to help Russia is culturaly rich
with a great history the Bad much of Russia is frozen for a good part of the year there is still much poverty Famous Russians Cory Powers
Intercultural communications Beda ne prikhodit Odna Trouble never comes alone When it rains it pours Thank you for your time!!
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