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Brass Instruments

No description

Anna Nguyen

on 14 September 2010

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Transcript of Brass Instruments

Brass Instuments Trombone Trumpet French Horn A trumpet is the highest pitched instrument in the brass family and it was first found in the tomb of the king tut in Eqypt. (3,500 years old)
They are also the oldest musical instruments.
Usually the tube length of trumpets is about 134cm. Trumpet Tuba Trombone French Horns are usually 3.66-3.96 metres long. They were originally made from solid tube of brass with a flared bell at one of the ends. Your right hand is used to change the pitch/sound and the left hand operates the trumpet to change notes. Trombones was made during the mid 1400's.
(1450) It was first made in Burgundy. The english expression for this instrument is "sackbut" which means the word trombone came italian "tromba". The instrument has been around for about 600years. The first tuba was made in Germany by Richard Wagner in the 1820's. It is the newest and largest insturment in the brass family. It can produce low pitch
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