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Posthuman Performance

No description

Mirannda Delarosa-Lindberg

on 27 April 2016

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Transcript of Posthuman Performance

The Cyborg
A borderline creature, the cyborg exists as a tween between organism and machine.
Cyborg Theatre
The integration of bodies and technology, the term cyborg theatre provides a usable term to describe multimedia performances that explore present human+ nature.
Posthumanism and
Posthuman theory recognizes that the borders of existence are not limited to the physical body and may be enhanced through the usage of technology (Nayar, Hayles, Kilch).
Works Cited
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H+ Performance
"We need to first understand that the human form – including human desire and all its external representations – may be changing radically, and thus must be re-visioned. We need to understand that five hundred years of humanism is coming to an end as humanism transforms itself into something that we must helplessly call post-humanism."

-Ihab Hassan, “Prometheus as Performer: Towards a Posthuman Culture?”

Marie Choinard's bODY_rEMIX
Alwin Nikolais
Pond (1982)
Tensile Involvement (1955)
Gallery (1978)
Crucible (1985)
Haraway's Manifesto exemplifies the cyborg as an equalizer, capable of blurring the lines between male and female (2).
Children of an Uncertain Future
choreographed by Mirannda Lindberg.

Photography by Dat Nguyen
Orlan and Stelarc
High Tech approaches to the Posthuman
Stelarc's Mechanical Arm
Stelarc's Exoskeleton
Orlan's plastic surgery challanges societal norms in regard to body modification.
Huang Yu & Kuka
A Duet Between Human and Machine
Choreography by Adrien M. and Claire B.
Transhumanism seeks to improve human living through the research and development of technologies that decrease the effects of aging and increase lifespan and human ability.
An all encompassing term that denotes the theory of humanity evolving and existing in junction with technological advancement. It concerns itself primarily with examples of past, present, and future symbiotic relationships between man and machine.
Human+ Performance
Live performance in which there is an integration of man and machine.
Human+ Dance Performance
A branch of Human+ Performance concerning dance as a performance art. The term implies that the human dancers and the technology coexist within the space and world of the dance being created and performed. Neither the dancing alone nor the technology alone can amount to the same experience, but the two together, working cohesively and symbiotically, create a world of meaning that would not have otherwise existed.
Teoma Naccarato - Experience #1167
Huang Yi and Kuka
Full transcript