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The Lady or the Tiger?

No description

Melanie Payne

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of The Lady or the Tiger?

The exposition of the story is when a barbarian king would punish a guilty subject by allowing them to open either door he chose. Behind one door is a furious tiger, and a cheerful lady behind the other.
The climax of the story is when the lover looks at the princess and has a face of anxiety which wants to know which is behind what door. Very smoothly, the princess motions him to the door on the right.
The lover chooses the door on the right as the princess had motioned him towards. As he opens it, what was behind it isn't revealed.
The theme of this short story is to do right in the begginning. This is the theme, because if the lover hadn't loved the king's daughter, then he wouldn't have been accused and put into the arena.
Rising Action
The rising action is when the princess allows herself to know what is behind each door. She not only knew which door the lady stood behind, but she knew who the lady was. She was a fair damsel of the court, and the princess didn't like her.
"The Lady or the Tiger?"
Frank Stockton

By Melanie Payne
Falling Action
The lover thinks that he should be able to trust the princess in her decision of the door, so he goes to the door on the right and opens it.
Parallel Episode
Parallel episode that occur in the story is when the king would signal in his subjects to make their way into the arena. The king never gives guidance to the accused person, and allow them to choose whichever door they pleased.
The irony found in this story situational. As the reader reads about the princess, they discover that she already know which door the lady and tiger are behind. It is revealed to us as we are reading which makes it situational irony.
Symbolism of the story is the lady that stands behind one door. She is symbolic for innocence and happiness. The tiger, on the other hand, is symbolic for guilt and angriness.
Contrast and Beliefs/Attitudes
The king's belief is that if a subject is already married and opens the door with the lady behind it, then he will marry the lady. The king's daughter belief for this isn't as strong, because she doesn't want her lover to marry the lady.
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