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Hi-Tech Presentation

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on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Hi-Tech Presentation

Basic Information of this teaching plan
Sub-topic of this unit
Introduction of the project
The new curriculum reform requires learning content related to life, "Time travel: Create the footwear of future astronauts !" a lesson for students to take advantage with the shoe as a creative focus, so that student can combine their studies with their creativity.

Moreover, students have many different innovative ideas about the future, so that why don't we give them the chance to combine their creative idea and their tehnology together? It is a good opportunity to help students to explore the future possibilities, encourage students to explore more about "Hi-tech"style, enhance their imagination and problem solving skills during the art making process.
Time travel: Create the footwear of future astronauts !
Mission: Making a footwear that give people feelings of "Hi-tech"/ future

Target Class:
Form 4A students (Band1)

Time and Duration:
9:30-11:00 (90 minutes)

Date(s) of the lesson:3,10,17/11/2014
Total: 3 lessons
Time travel: Introduction of Hi-Tech and Brainstorming!
Time travel: Explore forms and structures of footwear !
Time travel: Surface treatment and evaluation!
Able to draw or write down some creative and major functions of footwear

Able to understand what is Hi-tech

Understand the basic criteria of this Time Travel project

Identify what materials express “hi-tech feelings” and how people explore the possibilities of using them
Time travel: Introduction of Hi-Tech and Brainstorming!
A.Introduction of High Tech
Teacher uses PowerPoint to teach “What is hi-tech?”
B.Group Game!
What are the functions of footwear?
Student put up their hand and write on blackboard! As more as possible!
Teacher try to sum up the ideas of students and point out some creative and major functions of footwear.
1.Protect your feet
2.Make walking more comfortable
3.An item of surface treatment
C.Topic introduction:Time travel: Create footwear for future astronauts!
Teacher try to discuss the following criteria with students:

1. Atmosphere: Astronauts can wear in future!
2. Choose of colors that give people feeling of hi-tech/ future
3. Fit sizes
4. 3 or above materials→ Try to use as many as “possible materials” for making a pair of footwear
Teacher can ask students a list of question in order to inspire student to design creative footwear, for example:
1.Are shoes laces necessary for a footwear for astronaut?
2.Is sole a must for footwear?
3.What is the relationship between vamp and the function of footwear?
As a result, student can have critical thinking about what their design need.

D. Group discussion
30 minutes

Students who come up with any ideas can try to sketch first
-->Give advices to other students who need helps
F. Summery and clean up
Summarized main points of the whole lesson

Students clean the tables + bring related “hi-tech materials” and finished sketch in the coming lesson.
A. Review the concept of high-tech and criteria of the project
Any things/products/brands you associate with the high-tech in our daily lives?

Stresses about the criteria of this project
B. Peer Review (10 mins)
4 students in one group share their idea of their footwear, and then mutually criticize on peer’s sketches and give suggestion for improvement.
Time travel: Surface treatment and evaluation!
A. Review the concept of high-tech

The teacher shows some hi- tech fashion design and questioning them in order to review the knowledge about hi-tech daily produce and the structure of footwear.

B.Finetune Part
10 mins
Clean up the tables, pick up tools and materials.

D. Clean up
Teacher write down the main points of this sub-topic on the blackboard.
Asked each group to reflect and answer some questions about their shoe
For examples......

--> If time is possible
--> Invites 2 or 3 students to select their “favorite work”
or any work that can do better
--> Explanations should be given.
E. Art Criticism and evaluation
**Guidelines for peer evaluation:
1.Structure of the footwear
2.Whether the colors of the chosen shoes match the hi-tech theme
3. Whether the decorations are appropriate or not
F. Summary
Teacher summarized main points of the whole unit:

1. Characteristics of Hi-Tech
2. Form and basic structures of shoes
3. Materials exploration and decorations in making a Hi-tech footwear
How do make good use of the chosen techniques in making the structure of footwear?

How can you make good use of the materials to give a Hi-tech feeling?
Discussion Questions
Teachers plays videos about different ways of constructing 3D artwork, For example:Clay, Cardboard, Wire, Chicken Wire

C. Video time
Give assignment and clean up
Students mark down the answers in their worksheet:
a) Characteristics of different methods
b) Tools that they need
c) Tips or precautions during the process
d) Area they can apply to their design
Diagnostic assessment
Shoe Making
40 minutes.

Add details to their sketch
Take off their shoes--> draw the size of their own footwear
1. Students are able to draw and cut out appropriate footwear size of themselves
2.Students are able to revise and add details to their footwear after understanding the form and structure of footwear
Diagnostic assessment:

Teacher assign students to complete the structure of their own footwear before the next lesson and remind them again to bring Hi-tech materials for those who forget to bring in this lesson.
Students clean up the tables, pick up tools and materials.
Clean up
Students have basic knowledge about different functions and shapes of footwear in ordinary life.

Students have basic drawing skills (Sketching, pencil drawing and painting etc.).

Students are master to use different HB pencils, color pens and poster colors etc. for sketching.

Students have the experience of doing crafts or 3D artworks before

Previous knowledge
Teacher shows a video about an astronaut falling down to the student in order to tell them there are lots of dangers when astronauts are doing their job, so that students are asked to design a pair of new footwear exploring high tech feeling for the future astronaut
C.Topic introduction:
Time travel: Create footwear for future astronauts!
Teacher uses PowerPoint to teach “What is hi-tech daily product?”

→ High tech design is the product with new materials and new techniques in particular time. For example, people in the past used to use stones and bricks to buld house, so “steel” is considered as a new material at that time.
Teacher can share one hi-tech footwear design to students and try to discuss and analysis the pros and cons about the hi-tech design based on their learned knowledge, so that students can have a clearer view about hi-tech via the critical discussion.
D. Group discussion
Review the main points of previous lesson

Able to revise sketches of footwear

Able to explore the possibilities of materials that they have chosen

Explore and think of the characteristics of different materials and apply them in constructing a footwear

Recognise the techniques of making 3D artwork and build up their design
Time Travel: Explore forms and
structures of footwear!
Students are able to improve their footwear design
Students are able to handle the spray painting skill
Appreciate and criticize themselves and do peer evaluation

Peer evaluation
Teacher choose several semi- finished footwear of student and show them by the Visualiser. And then, teacher can guide the whole class to discuss how to improve the semi- finished footwear.
In order to enhance footwear surface, teacher can teach student the skill of spray painting (varnish). It is not a must for the student to put the varnish on their footwear, but students are allowed to paint anything color on their artwork with the spray painting skill.

Teacher demonstrates the skill of spray painting with a piece of cardboard. Then, students can get the spray painting color teacher provided and try to finish their footwear.
Spray painting
Footwear Making
Students will have 40 minutes finish adding surface treatment their footwear. At the same, the assessment criteria are shown on the PowerPoint as reference.

The assessment criteria
Fit in the theme- Hi-tech footwear
Try to change or explore the possibilites of the chosen materials
Fix well on the footwear
fit in the theme: Atmosphere: People/You can wear them in space!

Art Criticism and evaluation

Teacher Guidelines for peer evaluation:
1.secure or fixed well
2.Whether the colors of the chosen footwear match the hi-tech theme
3. Whether the surface treatments are appropriate or not)
4.match the theme: spaceman footwear.

F. Summary
Teacher summarized main points of the whole unit:
1. Characteristics of Hi-Tech
2. Form and basic structures of footwear
3. Materials exploration and surface treatment in making a Hi-tech footwear
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