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Analysing dreams & Evaluating Theories

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karen rogers

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Analysing dreams & Evaluating Theories

Analysing dreams & Evaluating Theories
Psychoanalysis Methods
The idea is that the energy wasted on repressing their wishes and desires can be used for moving forward instead.
Ashmur's dream
Ashmur's dream & analysis is on p59.

draw a picture to represent how Ashmur recounts his dream. (manifest content)

label the picture with what the analyst suggested the different elements meant (latent content)
C - know the key points of psychoanalysis and strengths and weaknesses of Freud's dream theory (describe)
B - understand the key points including the methods of psychoanalysis (explain)
A - use examples to support the strengths and weaknesses of Freud's theory (evaluate)
B1a3 Dream analysis
What do you think this involves?
slips of the tongue
aka freudian slips
When someone uses the wrong word for something.

Freud analysed these slips to help uncover unconscious thoughts.
free association
A method used by Freud in psycholoanalysis where the patient is encouraged to express a flow of consciousness. The process helps to uncover links which can then be interpreted.
the steps...
analyst listens to manifest content (description of remembered dream)
latent content can be discovered by analysing symbols in manifest content
unconscious desires 'leak' into dream via symbols to protect the sleeper
mental health comes from uncovering unconscious desires and dream analysis can be part of the therapy

What is psychoanalysis?
What are Freud's theory's strengths?
What are Freud's theory's weaknesses?
B1a3 Analysing dreams
B1a4 Evaluating Freud's dream theory
Freud's therapy = psychoanalysis
His idea is that mental disorders involve mental processes rather than physical ones.

'a talking cure'

Lack of awareness in the late 1800's meant many people with mental illnesses were put into asylums.
Even pregnant teenagers!
Aim of Psychoanalysis
Is to reveal the unconscious wishes, desires and emotions to the patient, who, once aware of the unconscious content, will no longer have psychological problems.

As the desires are no longer hidden, they can be dealt with.

It is still carried out today based on Freud's ideas.
dream analysis
A method used by Freud to help uncover unconscious thoughts, by analysing dreams and uncovering symbols.
What is a theory?
Think - Pair - Share
What makes a theory scientific?
Think - Pair - Share
Make a table of good & bad points in pairs.
What is good and bad about Freud's theory?
Strengths of
Freud's dream theory
Unique Methods
He used unique methods to uncover unconscious thoughts, desires & wishes.

These are hard to access. He was creative about how he discovered what was in the unconscious.

You could say some of his ideas came from his patients who talked about recurring dreams.
In-depth, real-life data
listened very carefully
to his patients
over long periods of time
. He only worked with people who...
he knew well
who agreed to co-operate and contribute by commenting on analysis

His information was about
and therefore was
Although this real-life information was interpreted from the unconscious but it was detailed and came from the patient so still a strength.

biased sample
He worked in the late 1800s with well to do viennese families.

Therefore his results are not

What does generalisable mean?
hard to measure
The unconscious cannot be measured so it is hard to test, even though it does exist.

Freud's ideas are not scientific as they cannot be subjected to repeated testing.
Freud's interpretation is
likely to be subjective

What does this mean?
Would another analyst reach exactly the same conclusion?

Freud's ideas are not scientific as they are
not objective
as they contain
contested by
other theories
Not everyone agrees with him!

For example the biological explanation that we will look at next week.
Weaknesses of
Freud's dream theory
Evaluation theories
Have a mini debate in pairs or small groups where you discuss whether Freud's theory is good or bad and whether it is scientific or not. Back up your points with evidence just as you would when writing in an exam PEA!
What is the difference between qualitative and quantative data?
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