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No description

Abdallah Esam

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of GPP

Team Members
A proposed lean manufacturing implementation to an appliance assembly line
Under Supervision of
Dr / Ahmed Nabil Mohib

1- Company overview

2- Problem Definition

3- Hot spots and bottleneck description

4- Implementation of lean tools

5- Results & Recommendations
The demand of the customer > production rate .

The company decided to add a new assembly line to cover customer demand.

Production line trip due to the waiting for the supply material.

We decide to look up for the hotspots on the production line .
2- Problem Definition
Factory Layout
1- Company overview
Washing machine components
Body preparation line map
Base preparation line map
Inspection line map
Production line map
Current V.S.M
Electricity line map
Current V.S.M
Assembly line map
Current V.S.M
Inspection line map
Current V.S.M
Body preparation line map
Current V.S.M
Base preparation line map
Current V.S.M
1-Motor Preparing
2-Water Pump Fixation
3- Spin Motors
4 Washing machine Motors
5- Mechanical Seal
6- Gear box
7- Water Outlet
8- Spin tub
9- Spin tub + Fan
11-Spin Tub Fixation
12- Upper frame isolation
13- Upper Frame Fixation
14- Control panel
15- Electricity
16- Water leakage
17- Motors & Pump inspection
18- Polishing
19- Packaging
The processes of the washing machine production line with descriptions:
The sequence of the information flow
Information flow chart
1-Spin Motor

2- Water pump

3-Washing And Spin Tubs

4- Agitator or rotating disc

5- Washing Motor

6- Timer

7- Drain pipe

8-Gear Box
Assembly line map
Unionaire Group is the one of many companies growing
in the field of home appliances manufacturing and distribution.
Union aire
Unionaire group products:
1- Air conditioning
2- Cook stove
3- TV
4- Water Filter 
5- Washing machine
The washing machine line has been established 5 years ago since 2007.
The production rate last year at 2012 reached to 220 000 washing machines as a total production locally and abroad.
The rate of production increased during the past 3 years by a percentage of 70 – 80 %.
Plant Capacity
Process map Chart
Assembly line map
Production line Video
Many non-value add activities has been founded in the production line
Non-add Value activity
Assembly hotspots
Electricity hotspots
Inspection hotspots
Electricity Stage.
Upper frame isolation.
Mechanical Seal compression.
Water leakage.
Ranking the hot spots to find the bottleneck of the production line
A Pareto chart was applied to identify the bottleneck
Seven Wastes
Seven Wastes
Waiting for the next production step, Worker wait to work on the washing machine.
Waiting waste description
Because of the farness between the warehouse and production line that could make a shortage of the raw material.

It could cause a delay in time so we decided to develop “ Andon system”
Andon System

Andon System can send a signal from the production line to warehouse manager before any shortage of the material to have enough time to prepare and send it.

Andon System can save the worker cost and the delay cost.
Andon System
 Bill of material “Andon system “
Andon system could improve and prevent the waiting for material that come from inventory before finishing it .
Andon was a general improvement in the production line.
Waiting Waste
Found In four processes :
Spin Tub, Body, Base, Electricity and Water leakage
This process is the longest process all over the production line .

An old ways to assemble the wires, 5 workers , 378 Sec.

Electricity is a Bottleneck .

New methodology for wire assembly “ Socket”.

Save time , reduce waiting, Improve quality, More Safe .
Electricity hotspot
Socket “Plastic material, male & female part, 20 pins”.

Termenal “copper material”.

Fuse “5A”.

Wires for bridge “0.5 mm T , .5m L”.

Isolation bags.
Components of electric circuit
Before improvement :
After improvement :
Some Shoots from Solid works software for Socket
prototype for the Socket methodology
Workers or Washing machine moving or walking more than is required while performing the processing.
found :

1- Spin Motors

2- washing Motors,

3- Upper frame isolation,

4- Spin Tub Fixation,

5- Upper Frame Fixation ,

6- Polishing and Packaging
Excessive Motion
New design for the plate make the washing machine moves over the conveyer

Around part to make the movement of washing machine is too easy to worker .
Solution Of Motion Waste
workers are moving randomly.

Hire an observer to watch workers and motivate them.
(All components, work in process and finished product not being processed)
There is a confusion between inventory waste and waiting waste .
Motor Preparing - Spin Motors Fixation =
22 (Sec.) - 80 (Sec.) = - 58 Sec
Mechanical Seal - Gear box=
15 (Sec) – 62 (Sec) = - 47 Sec
This difference in time could make inventory
Time balancing
Moving washing machine that is not actually required to perform the processing.


1- Mechanical Seal
2- Body and Base
3- Control panel

Cause: No place behind them to store material , Moving
New design in the layout a new space behind the worker

Use another worker to deliver the bodies to worker on mechanical seal press.
(Resulting from poor tool or product design creating activity)
Upper frame isolation : the worker has to cut and uncover the foam tape before using it.
Electricity : workers have to join the wire with his bare hands.
Electricity process Socket.

Upper frame Isolation process add another worker to uncover the foam tape to preventing.
(The effort involved in inspecting for and fixing defects)

no defect washing machine pass through the quality section

may be some parts of the washing machine had a defect

It’s not a big problem because reworking in less time
(Producing washing machine more than is needed).

But this waste isn’t found because the company wants to produce. more than it’s production rate to cover the market needs.
Seven waste Matrix
Pie Chart for seven waste matrix
workplace organizational tools that provide the necessary groundwork for workplace improvement.

Current layout of the production line.

Proposed layout after implementing 5s.
5S Visual Controls
Current layout of the production line.
S1 = Sort“
Separate things which you need from things you don’t need”
Observation was:

1- Useless waste of material, scrap, semi-finished washing machines, spares parts on the floor that can prevent the ease of motion

2- Additional supporting material left behind the workers

3- Water on the ground after the process of water inspection.
S2 =Set in Order
“Keep conditions which allow you to easily access what you need, when you want”.

Observation was:
1- The access roads, storage areas, working places and equipment’s
surroundings are not clearly defined.

2- The floor has cracks, drops.

3- The maximum and minimum allowable quantities are not indicated.
“By cleaning your identify causes. Clean (all) places to keep dirties and dust away”
Observation was:
1- Oil, dust, and scrape at the floor and the access roads.

2- Supplying pipes/ belts grease, dirty.

3- Light bulbs dirty.

4- Equipment inspection combined with equipment maintenance.

5- Operators habitually sweep floors and wipe equipment without being told.
“Making abnormalities obvious with visual controls”
Observation was:
1- Wear dirty clothing.

2 - Workplace has adequate light and aeration.

3- There are some problems such as; noise and vibrations.

4- The roof is cracked and ventilation is very bad.

5- There are no designated areas for eating and smoking.
“Make a habit of obedience to the rules”
Observation was:
1- The Safety department doesn’t provide complete safety clothing such helmets safety shoes.
Clean the floor continuously.

Remove the scrap material .

Set a maintenance plan to avoid any cracks or drops.

Must indicate the maximum and minimum allowable quantities.

Cleaning and fixing the lighting system continuously.

Hiring one person to be responsible for overseeing the process.
Suggestions to avoid these problems and fixed it
Using the moderate method to store the raw material “ Motors, Gear Box Base And Bodies “ by using Shelving and bins.

Shelving and bins - horizontal platforms in structural frame that Steel shelving comes in standard size.
Proposed layout after implementing 5s
indicators for production line
Lean Metrics
Now implementing Lean was finished
let’s go to see the result
Proposed VSM
Lead time changed
processes were changed in time because of our improvement
Six VSM was drawn:
1- Over View Map

2- Assembly Line

3- Body preparation

4- Base preparation

5- Electricity Line

6- Inspection Line
Electricity Process Before and After Improvement
Lead time changed from 28.5 min to 20.3
When a 380 washing machine was produced in 6.5 hours per day in lead time 28.5 > now 20.3
So 380 washing machines will be produced 4.6 hours.
The takt time was 61 second .

(1.9*60*60) Sec / 61 sec= 113 washing machines or more per shift .

The Profit in one washing machine 200 L.E , then it will be In 113 washing machine is =113*200 =22, 600 L.E.
Production rate become approximately 493 Washing machine
Before Anodon system production line could stop about 2 hours getting material from inventory .

2 hours could reduce its production rate to 263 washing machines per shift and it could cause a loss in profit 23,400 L.E.
-Continues elimination of waste that appear after application of this project (continues improvement).

-Applying this study to other washing machine appliance production lines in the factory.

-Applying another tools of lean manufacturing such as: Kanban, Kaizen.

-more intensive time analysis should be taken in considerations as a next turn of improvement .

-Make sensitivity analysis of the data obtained .
Dr-Ahmed Mohib
Suggestions to avoid these problems and fixed it
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