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Saudi Arabia

a brief introduction to a few of the animals and plant life in Saudi Arabia

michelle kean

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Desert Life Culture Food Arabic design Camels in the desert are commonly found as domesticatedrof wild Uromastyx lizards are especially common Falcons are some of the most prized pets Arabian Oryx are now endangered but there are wildlife
reservations already set up to help increase their populations Hedgehogs are everywhere when I was young
we would catch them to keep as pets There have always been close relationships
between animals and Arabian people Five "riyals" Henna is popular form of body art
and acts as a temporary tattoo The Arabian horse Falcon hunting Camel racing used for transportation and is the Bedouins best friend and transport King Abdullah People Bedouin women Bedouin caravan The Qaran Soccer is a BIG deal Mecca Dates: they grow from a special kind of palm tree and can be harvested in massive quatities each year Labnah cheese bread is a classic food and can be made in many different ways. labnah itself is made up of goat cheese and yogurt... Shawarmas are a great meal and can be made from chicken, beef, or lamb and is sliced up and placed in a pokect pita bread. Lamb and a spiced rice meal Many faces and places to this country. Here are just a few images to show off the basics of this land The man in charge Flag of Saudi Arabia Red sea Arabian Gulf Saudi Arabia
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