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Chess Boxing

The Whacky Sport of Chess Boxing

Constine Breely

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Chess Boxing

-Chess boxing is a hybrid sport, that is a mix between chess and boxing.

-Chess boxing is not very popular but is growing in popularity throughout the world.

-The first chess boxing match was held in 2003 between Lepe the Joker and Luis the Lawyer.

-Chess Boxing has been around for about 12 years.

- There is currently a documentary in production about chess boxing called "Chessboxing: The King's Discipline."
-Chess boxing was invented in 2002 by Lepe Rubingh.

-The concept of chess boxing came from the graphic novel Froid Équateur, from the comic artist Enki Bilal

-The sport is governed by two world governing bodies the World Chess Boxing Organization based in Berlin.

-Also the World Chess Boxing Association based in London.

-The first European Chess Boxing Championship was on October 1st, 2005 and was held in Berlin.
-Anyone who knows how to play chess and knows how to box could play chess boxing

-It is played in mostly European countries but is growing in popularity in countries such as the U.S.

-Participants have to be trained mentally and physically.

-The divisions for participants include Heavyweight, Middleweight, Light-heavyweight, Lightweight, Featherweight, and Women's Flyweight
1. A player can either win by a knockout, a technical knockout, a checkmate, or your opponent runs out of time.

2. If a chess piece is touched it must be moved (if a legal move is available).

3. If a player tries to stall a chess match so he can win in boxing the player is given a warning and if he continues he will get disqualified.

4. Players must press there own chess clock in between moves.

5. The rules for chess are the same as FIDE Blitz Chess rules.
Where can you play Chess Boxing?

-The closest place to Pittsburgh that you can play chess boxing is Los Angeles.

-To chess box you need private lessons which cost around $200.
-This video is an introduction to chess boxing.
-It shows the first Chess Boxing match and the comic which it was from.
Chess Boxing
-Chess boxing is a very new and thriving sport in which the game of chess and boxing are combined

-The concept of the sport derives from a comic book and is now gaining popularity all around the world

-Men and women must be trained mentally and physically if they want to be a force in the chess boxing league

-There are many ways to win in a match of chess boxing but there are many rules you must follow in order to not be disqualified

-Finally, if you are interested, the nearest place to chess box from Pittsburgh is Los Angeles though you need private lessons which cost around $200
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