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The Outsiders

No description

Juyon Bae

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of The Outsiders

Physical Description

slight build

big, black eyes, suspicious+nervous look

hair: jet black, heavily greased, combed side, w/ shaggy bangs across forehead

tanned face

Memorable Quotes
"You heard me. Leave her alone. " -24

"I think I like it better when the old man's hittin' me. At least then I know he knows who I am" -51

“I killed him,” he said slowly. “I killed that boy” -56

"I‘m scared stiff. I used to talk about killing myself... I don't want to die now" -121

“Useless… fighting’s no good….” -148

“Stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold…” -148

"There’s still lots of good in the world. Tell Dal. I don't think he knows.” -179

Role in Novel
1. Beat-up by Socs in parking lot

2. Murders Bob due to self-defense+help Ponyboy
---> of novel

3. Severely injured from church fire

4. Dies in hospital after rumble
--->Dally is finally proud of him

Johnny Cade
By: Momoko K., Juyon B., Brittani S.
Relationship with Other Characters in the Novel
-Big brother for Johnny, his protector
-Care for each other (more inside)
-Johnny looks at Dally as a role model

Dallas (Dally)
-Best buddies
-Family that he never had
-abused physically and verbally
-terrible relationship
-wants to improve relationship

“If you can picture a little dark puppy that has been kicked too many times and is lost in a crowd of strangers, you’ll have Johnny”- 11
-Usually keeps things to himself other than w/ Ponyboy
-most silent of the Greasers
-afraid to express himself with everyone
-Never sincerely mean to anyone
---> tries to be a
good person

-Takes care of Ponyboy/himself at church
-Stands up for Cherry when Dally is being rude
-Wants to get along with his parents
--->doesn't give up hope
-Tries to make Dally proud
-makes own decisions daily
--->unsupportive abusing+ignoring parents
-spends much time by himself (if not w/ Ponyboy)
-jumps into the flaming church w/ no fear
---> saves the children even though it costs his life

-sleeping under the stars w/Ponyboy
-has fun w/ Ponyboy at church

Gone with the Wind
--->smoking + talking
-2nd main character
-Gang's Pet
--->who everyone cares for due to his timid behavior
Major Events
caused climax
Alone in the World
Sorrowful Life
-His life reflects a neglected puppy living on the streets alone
--->parents abuse, ignore his presence

-A puppy is shy, but brave + strong

-His physical features are similar to puppy
--->eyes: dark, full of mystery & fear
--->built smaller like runt of a litter
Connections to other characters outside of the novel
-Dumbo works for the circus
-Made clown due to his clumsy, huge ears
-Timothy the mouse helps cheer him up
-discover that he can fly w/ ears creating hopeful new career
-Johnny lives dreadful life w/ abusing parents
-intro. to Greasers
-makes friends w/ Ponyboy---> turns life around
Luther Garland
-Luther is a ghost who was murdered
-thought to be extremely mean + scary
-Actually kindhearted, loving person who loved kittens
-Everyone thought Johnny was only timid + weak
-Actually strong, brave, caring person
Both not who they physically looked like
Both made friends who helped make their life better
-water is many things: powerful waterfalls, calm oceans, or tears of sadness
-Johnny's life is full of sadness, but he stays strong inside

-He dies peacefully, knowing that the Greasers loved him,
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