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Sales Prezi

No description

Brant Bailey

on 9 February 2016

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Transcript of Sales Prezi

North Florida Community College
Unique fact

Year they were founded



Ballpark number of students

Getting to know you and the insitution better.

Here's what we
Fill in the Blanks Discussion
You want to go live with your site as quickly as possible, and we are here to make that happen. In order to accomplish this, we should keep several potential road blocks to going live in mind.
Maintain communication with a single point of contact, ideally the decision maker or someone with direct access to the decision maker.
Receive approvals of various project stages in a timely manner.

Digital Solutions to Increase Enrollment

• Fill in the Blanks Discussion

• StudentBridge: Who we are

• Product Demo

• Recap and Next steps

Attract Students
Our mission is to help colleges attract and retain the right kind of students.

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

We’ve been delivering powerful software and video experiences worldwide since 2001.

We believe in the power of video.

We’ve done business with all types of universities and colleges, big and small.

Product Demo
What we do at Student Bridge
February 9, 2016

Your meeting is led by:

Sarah Watkins,
Account Executive

Who We Serve
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